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Evaluate Trinity College Dublin?

I'm a high school junior in the United States, and I'm really interested in studying abroad for all of my schooling. (I'm going to study medicine to become a doctor) However, I'm clueless when it comes to universities outside of the U.S. I'm looking at Trinity College in Dublin at the moment, but I'd like to hear some personal experiences, rather than just reading a paragraph on their "student life" section. haha

-Are the academics as good or better than those offered at Ivy League schools in the U.S.?

-How many years would I study until I do my residency?

-What is Dublin, Ireland like? (Are there fun things to do there?)

-What are the people like there? (What kind of music do they listen to, how do they dress?)

I know that's a lot of questions, but if you can offer me any info about the university I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks! (:

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    TCD and most other universities in Europe are easily as good as any American 'schools', and many are better.

    There is none of this nonsense with fraternities or sororities, but there are college clubs you can join, so there is the option of a social life - but if you're going to study medicine, you won't really have much opportunity for that.

    If you want to find out the details of the course, my advice would be to go to the college website and read what it says there under the Faculty of Medicine.

    Dublin is great fun, but expensive.

    The people in Dublin are like people anywhere else, but rather more likely to talk to total strangers than your average American.

    As an American and non-EU national, you will be paying full fees, but it will still be nothing like the extortionate amounts American universities seem entitled to demand. However, the cost of living in Dublin is not cheap.

    To apply for university in Ireland, you go to www.cao.ie. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    If you want to spend your holyday in an alternative place then Dublin is that place, see more with hotelbye . In Dublin you will see several interesting things and places, the Dublin Zoo and The National Gallery of Ireland are just two of the very best attractions here. Trinity College is also an excellent appeal for just about any tourist. Trinity College is at the heart of the capital and is really a loaded high in incredible history. That university is the oldest in Ireland and has been established in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not familiar with the American education system but you have long missed the deadline for September 2011. So there is no way you could apply for this year.

    I know to studying medicine in Trinity you need to have studied English, Maths, any foreign language and two Science subjects (Biology and Chemistry are best from what I've heard) all in your final year. I'm not sure how well you'd have to do in your SATS but you may also need to sit the HPAT as all Irish med students need to do.

    From my experience, and please don't take this the wrong way, but by the time Americans get into college, they are significantly behind where we are by the time we get into college. I've listened to some physics lectures and seen some notes online and they are at a lower level than what we need for the Leaving Cert. I know you would have to do pre-med if you stay in America before you can study medicine so I'm not sure what it would be like for you coming over.

    Medicine is a six year course. Some places are five years but you would need to have done Physics, Chemistry and Biology for your Leaving Cert in order to skip it. I'm not sure if TCD even offer it but theirs is a six year course. I'm not sure about the ins and outs of the course, their prospectus would be able to tell you more than I would.

    Dublin is alright. Probably much smaller than most American cities.

    People are mainly nice. We listen to most of the same mainstream artists with some English artists as well.

    If you're looking for very personal experiences, check out: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=...

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  • 9 years ago

    Trinity is one of the most prestigious uni's in Ireland with a long history, and very international recognised. Not sure who it would rate compared to Ivy league school.

    As far as dublin. It is a fabulous city, with a vibrant night life, fabulous pubs, good nightclubs, great live comedy, major international concerts etc, great cultural history, great shopping, and only a short trip away from wonderful countryside.

    The people are brilliant. Very friendly. As far as music, there would be all tastes. In dublin you can go out and find somewhere to satisfy your tastes, whether its pop, rock, indie, drum'n'bass, hip hop soul, jazz, irish traditional etc..

    To give you a taste of what is available.


    As far as 'dress' it would vary immensely, but the Irish do tend to dress a bit sharper than in North America, most people dressing 'smart casual' heading out, unless you are socialising in a sub-culture(goth, rock bar, the clubbing scene. etc.) But I find people do put a bit more effort in.(Spend alot of time in Canada, as I grew up there) You won't see people out in sweatshirts, or runners when they are out for a night. In fact alot of places have a strange fixation with footwear and won't let you in with trainers(running shoes)

    Feel free to email me if you want to know anything specific.

    Source(s): Grew up in Canada, but moved to Ireland 12 years ago.
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