Regarding auditioning for YG Entertainment?

Hello (: My name is fatiha .I'm from singapore . I heard that YG Entertainment will be having auditions in singapore . I'm want to audition but i'm still thinking twice about it . So i need someone to answer my questions .

1. Do I have to be fluent or know how to speak in Korean for me to pass the audition?

2. I'm 14 years old. Am I too young?

3. My dancing and rap is good but my vocals are not that good. Is it really bad?

4. I live faraway from korea, I live in Singapore, how can I audition? Do I really have to do live auditions?

5. I'm not korean . Does it count against me? Will they accept me ? I only know the basics of korean language like hello,bye etc . Will they give me korean language lessons ?

6. I'm not tall (just 1.5 m I guess) and I don't have the good skin like koreans have (because of our weather in our country) but I have fair skin.

7.I have 5 years of dancing experience but i do not think my vocal is amazing just normal . Do you think i can get accepted ?

8. And if ever I pass the 1st audition by email, will I have to go to korea for another live audition? Is it me who'll pay my expenses? Where will I stay?

9. How to sent audition by email ?

10.What is the difference among all this companies ? Which want emphasize on looks more and which one emphasize on talents ? (This is important )

11. How long does it take for them to nofiy me ?

12. Where is the place of the audition ?

13. Will they let me sing english songs ? And would they understand me ?(because i don't understand korean )

14. Do they accept only thin/slim people ?

15.What kind of clothes/clothing is suitable for auditioning ?

16.Will they force me to do plastic surgery if i got chosen to be a trainee ?

Really really appreciate if somebody just help me with this .

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. You have to atleast know a bit of korean. I suggest you start learning now because that will help you.

    2. No, you are not too young.

    3. It's good that you can dance and rap. Maybe try practicing your vocals a bit. Rapping can be your specialty.

    4. You can send them a demo by mail.

    5. Not I said before, practice korean.

    6. YG doesn't really care that much about looks. You need talent and potential.

    7. They want to see that you have potential. So practice your vocals but if they accept you, they will give you vocal lessons.

    8. First off, I would suggest sending an audition by mailing instead of email. Yes you will have to go to korea. You pay for your flight because you are not a trainee yet. I'm not sure where you will stay.

    9. Like I said before, mail in. I'm pretty sure you can find the application form. Please don't fill out the english one. Atleast try to learn more korean.

    10. All of them look for talent though YG doesn't care as much about looks like SM.

    11. I'm not 100% sure, but I think about 3 months or so.

    12. What do you mean by this? I'm pretty sure they will tell you where you need to go.

    13. Sing an english song but I would suggest a korean song too so they can hear your pronunciation.

    14. That's a tricky question. They told TOP that he had to lose some weight. So I guess it depends. You don't have to be a stick but still healthy.

    15. Clothes that are comfortable but flattering. Nothing flashy or out there. Not something you would wear to a party.

    16. I don't think so. Do you want to get plastic surgery? They don't care as much about looks. But I do wonder if the trainee wants to get surgery, what would they say?...

    Oh and maybe you could try to learn korean from sogang. Just type in yahoo: "sogang korean lessons" or something like that. Good luck :)

  • 4 years ago

    i could endorse simply whatever you believe cozy in (as you'll have to now not believe constrained by means of your apparel whilst you're acting) whatever that suggests who you're, however i do not feel too top type could be suitable, not anything too out of the traditional they wish scholar like trainees, so get dressed younger ish, however i feel simply whatever you prefer and will believe positive in. well success (:

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