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Tabele manners

Write a short essay comparing Australi culture with the culture in HK ,on the topic of a table manners.(250 words)


The short essay need include the table manners in Australia and HK similar and different.分四段寫.Thx.

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    for your reference, table manners in Australia1. Wait till roughly 50% of the table has their food before starting your meal.2. You should cut large pieces of ingredients in your salad. 3. rip off a piece that’s about one or two bites in size, butter it, and eat it. Repeat. 4. cut meat a piece at a time. Cutting the entire meat up into pieces or cutting more than one at a time is tacky.5. Wipe your mouth before taking a sip of your drink. 6. When leaving the table during the course of your meal, put your napkin on your chair, not the table.7. When in a situation where you have to pass food or condiments to others at the table, pass it to your right, or counter clockwise.8. When you don’t want to swallow a piece of food in your mouth, move the piece to the front of your mouth and use your fork to retrieve it from your mouth and into the side of your plate. The only time its okay to use your fingers is when it’s a fish bone.9. To get the waiter’s attention, the most polite way is to make eye contact. It’s acceptable to raise your hand to head level, just don’t go overboard by raising it way above your head and wave it about.10. When you’re done with your meal, the proper placement of the silverware is to lay them parallel to each other and across the plate with the handles facing the right. table manners in HKDO wait to be told where to sit as there is often a seating plan. DO wait for the host to tell you to start eating . DO return chopsticks to the chopstick rest after every few bites DO leave some food in your bowl when you have finished eating. DON'T place your chopsticks across the top of your bowl. DON'T eat the last piece from the serving tray. DON'T turn a fish over.

    DON'T pour your own drink first. Instead, pour everyone a drink.

    DON'T take the last bit of food in a serving plate.

    table manners in HK and AustraliaDON'T speak when your mouth is full. DON'Tput your elbows on the table when eating.

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