Guild Wars Nightfall access key?

I bought a second-hand Guild Wars Nightfall.....but i have no access key...i searched on the internet and i tried the support but i had no luck....Can anyone give me an access key??????

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  • 9 years ago
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    You're asking people to give you their own access key (for free) that they themselves had to pay for? Unlikely. I'm sorry that you bought a useless copy, but those are the risks when you buy games like these used.

    I definitely advise against using used (second hand) accounts.

    First, know that selling of Guild Wars accounts (and buying second hand ones) is against the NCSoft EULA, so if you should buy (or get) one second-hand, and if ArenaNet should find out, then you run the risk of that account being closed. Also, you have no way of knowing that illegal activities that account has already been used for... the account could be closed any day because of things done on it in the past.

    Second, nowadays you can already buy a brand new license key for one campaign for around $10, for the Guild Wars Trilogy (=the 3 campaigns) for around $30, and for the Guild Wars Complete Collection (=the 3 campaigns+the Eye of the North expansion) for just slightly more. That's a really good deal, especially considering that the game doesn't have montly fees. So why risk buying a used account at all?

  • Maquis
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    9 years ago

    Sounds like you got scammed. Sorry but most MMO games cannot be sold used. Once an access key is used, it's used and pretty much the only thing you're charged for is the access key.

    For guild wars, you pay for that account key. That's it. The box, disc, manuals, maps, etc all come free after you purchase the key. All that stuff is even available for free download on the official guildwars site.

    If possible, try to get your money back from the seller. Perhaps it's someone that didn't realize they couldn't sell the game used and just made an honest mistake. If you ran into a true scammer then dispute the charge with your credit card company if the seller won't cooperate. Once you get it straightened out then just buy a new copy of the game.

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