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How do you recover save files when you've uninstalled a game?

I was working on a mod with a friend of mine when he accidentally changed a couple files that needed to be restored to their default settings. He decided that he would just uninstall the game and start over because all of the data for our mod was backed up on my computer. He realized about five minutes after reinstalling it that he had also deleted all of his save files, and he couldn't find them to restore them. He's been searching frantically for the last three hours, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how we could restore the saves.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You can often successfully recover deleted files from a PC as long as it is not overwritten.

    One of the easiest ways recover deleted files is to try some good file recovery software. One I used to use is asoftech data recovery which you can download from site below

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