Holocaust history help?

1) who are the people that deny that the holocaust happened?

2) what reason do they perpetration of the holocaust lie?

3) how was hitler able to convince so many people to think his way?

4) what was hitler's concept of the master race? describe a person.

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    1) Holocaust deniers come from different sectors of society and from both academic & non academic worlds. Some are sympathisers with Hitler, neo-Nazi's, antisemitic in nature or just plain ignorant.

    2) Again, different reasons, like I said above antisemitism and ignorance is prevalent among Holocaust deniers, though not all of them. One common factor, however, is the ability to twist facts to support illogical conclusions.

    3) Germans were still smarting from the Treaty of Versailles & all the woe that bestowed on Germany, not to mention the impact of the Great Depression. Hitler comes along, a charismatic leader who happens to know who is behind Germany's misfortune and promises to restore their national prestige. Not every German simply followed along, fear was a motivating factor too, the early concentration camps during the 1930s were full of detractors as well as undesirables.

    4) Hitler and the Nazis were Social Darwinists and believed in the superiority of the Aryan race. Desirable characteristics included blue eyes, blond hair and no Jewish ancestors. Heinrich Himmler arranged for Lebensborn homes to be built in Germany and Norway, places for unmarried pregnant women who were likely to have children who fitted this ideal type. Roughly 20,000 children were born in these homes.

    Source(s): History major
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