I'd love to be able to public speak,but I get a bad stutter?

Hi,I'm 14 and would love to be able to go to drama or debating club and stand up for stuff i believe in,but when I go up to talk i get really freaked and my voice changes and I stutter. Most people are surprised,cause im quite spontaneous it's just when everyones watching and listening to me I can't!!! Any tips? PS I went once to debating and fot up to speak and cried. Yes,I know I'm useless :P

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  • 9 years ago
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    memorize your speech, or sing it. public speaking is just explaining things in an organized matter to your friends. Think of the message,not the fact that you are speaking. Imagine you are just telling a friend what info you have. If the king of England can do it, so can you,.

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