What is the SWOT analysis of Burger King?

SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. So, if you know what the SWOT analysis of burger king is please answer. :)

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    I had to do the same in Bus 444 at CSUSM. I didn't do it on Burger King, but most of these were based off a case study we were given. If you were given a case study read it and use the info to generate your SWOT conclusions. If not you need to do a bit of research to help I have tried to list a few things below. Just remember the goal of SWOT is to show the difference between Burger King and competition.

    Strengths - 1000's of locations, brand recognition, flame broiled burgers

    Weaknesses - Quality Control (franchise problems), High calorie meals,

    Opportunity - ? - Not sure I remember what they consider an opportunity. (Maybe healthier options, higher quality meals) If they had a case study it would make it easier to see potential opportunities.

    Threats - FDA calorie law, Health conscious Americans, Rising food costs due to price of oil and corn.

    Source(s): I took the class and remember a bit
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