HFA autism to PDD nos?

When i was 6 to 7 they said i had PDD NOS Then when i became older it changed to HFA autism.

I dont understand this whats the diffrents? and they said its not a diognoses yet because im to old? but were still working on getting me one! it would feel better if they just said it for sure idk why. but anyways whats the diffrents?

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  • 9 years ago
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    PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) is the umbrella term for all autistic disorders.

    The NOS is (not otherwise specified) Which means that at the time you were PDD.NOS you showed some features of autism, but didn't quite meet the criteria for a specific autistic disorder diagnosis.

    With any diagnosis, there is overlap. EVERYONE has typical traits, even the most severe autistic, and EVERYONE has autistic traits even if its something very mild like mild stubbornness. It's about where the person fits best.

    They don't like to diagnose too quickly, so PDD.NOS is sometimes a catch all until later that it can be pin-pointed where you fall.

    But understand that nobody really agrees. I've gotten different diagnoses autism, asperger's, and my son has too PDD.NOS, HFA, ADHD, encephalopathy.

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