i did inform case workers that the child was sleeping long hours?

received child on friday night (8-8:30) i informed case worker on saturday, about the infant sleeping patterns and advocate doctor on monday, no one seemed concern. the doctors stated just keep waking her up and continue give warm bottle. know the hospital keep changing their story on what happen previously before the child was placed in my home, how long fracture was there, how long bump on her head.

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  • 9 years ago
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    An Informed caseworker should have supplied you with All the medical on this child at time of placement; esp. with a baby who has a skull fracture. I think your next move at his point would be to request a team meeting with the caseworker, her supervisor, and your Foster Parent Support Specialist[she represents you--if your area has one] at the Office at their earliest time.No later than tomorrow.

    I would also ask for a list of their chain of command. If your state has a foster parent law read it as soon as possible and Know your rights and responsibilities.

    You have a right to Know Why this child was placed. Insist on it! The caseworker has all on this information and you Need to know it.

    Source(s): Foster Parent Support Specialist CPS Foster parent law and responsibilites
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