Have you seen this in people with Sun/Saturn or Moon/Saturn...?

Harsh aspects , by harsh, I mean conjunction , square, opposition and quincunx.

In your experiences, do you see people with these aspects in their chart can not really have " happiness " , can not really enjoy it ? What I mean is that they can put up some very happy face, cheerful attitudes , but eventually the real Sun/Saturn , or Moon/Saturn part will show itself , and reality opens on the ground on their feet again , and they realise that they are just running from their melancholy, sadness, loneliness ?

This Q opens for those who are experienced in astrology , pro astrologers or people who take interests in astrology and have had some observations over these aspects.



Mmm I have seen Saturn/Moon in overbearing women/mothers but Sun/Saturn or Moon/Saturn often are harsher on males for some reasons. And yes Purple frog, I saw that one from many males too, some always go out and they can not even stay home or be by themselves , yet they have no real friends, or any loyal ones, they can be socially active, as if they are afraid to confront their own loneliness should they be by themselves.

Yeah, Been there, self-esteem and self-love, from the people I have observed, that rings true.

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    Moon/saturn, I had a friend with that and her only other aspect to it was squaring Venus or something like that.. I hadn't noticed how cynical or hard on herself she could be, but she definitely was.. She seemed like such a sunny person though, she was Leo. It's very likely she was very down on herself, she had some jealousy and insecurity issues. She also mightve also made the effort to keep some of that hidden, private, under control due to her sun square pluto libra.

    Sun/saturn conjunction examples I've seen in celebrities are Sharon Osbourne and Adam Ant.. I do remember Sharon Osbourne having some depression with her body issues. Adam Ant has bipolar depression, I would think at some points it didn't really seem as if he'd be depressed?. But there were times he was depressed or suicidal, Heather Graham is credited with saving his life one of those times and he's got a book that mentions his struggle and being diagnosed with bipolar depression.

    He has a kind of commanding Sun/Saturn expression sometimes in photos..

    One of his songs, Prince Charming, he plays the role of Cinderella with two evil stepsisters in drag.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lCzIMacsEs

    Youtube thumbnail

    "Prince Charming, Prince Charming..

    Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

    Don't you ever

    Don't you ever stop being dandy

    Showing us you're handsome

    Don't you ever

    Dont you ever lower yourself

    Forgetting all your standards

    Silk or leather or a feather

    Respect yourself and all of those around you.." ----> Very Sun/Saturn..

    Source(s): Aries sun, taurus moon, saturn/jupiter libra, pisces rising..
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    What I see is that consistently there are problems with self-esteem and self-love, and that this often results in just what you are reporting. Not always, but often.

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