When you see people wanting a separate METAL section from the "ROCK & POP" section, does anyone else think..?

who cares?

seriously, where does it stop? Do we then further decide we need a Black Metal section because I can't stand having those Mall Metal poser kids post lame poser bands like Megadeth on my site!

And we should of course also give Punk it's own section, and Progressive, maybe Doo Wop and Skiffle? As long as every other descendant and relative of Rock gets one, we don't want to leave anyone out!

(I love Metal, but the thing I love is being exposed to all sorts of music. It helps me appreciate and enjoy not only the new type of music, but Metal, more)

Does anyone else think that Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered should be split into 4 sections, so that post-ops don't have to deal with sorting through questions, and lesbians don't have to sift through gay guys, and well, no one like having to sort through bi-sexual, since they are SUCH fence sitters!?!?!?!?

And the Indian Food section? You know there are DOZENS of regional cuisines, it really needs to get broken down to West Bengali, Jharkhandi, Awadhi, Kashmiri, etc.?

And the Religion Section into "Mainstream Religions" and "Pagan/Cults" with each further subdivided int o Christian / Jewish / Islam, Buddhist, etc, and the Pagan divided into Slavic, Nordic, Celtic, Wicca, etc.. and then FURTHER subdivide it so that you have the Christian (Catholic) section, the Christian (Protestant) section, which of course would further need to be subdivided into Baptist, Pentecostal, Amish, Jehovah's Witness, etc...... and we definitely need a separate one for Atheists.....

and I guess we need to go back to having Blacks ride on the back of buses too, since we absolutely MUST segregate everything for fear of being exposed to anything outside out tiny little comfort zones.

get the point?

(and yes I used hyperbole for the purpose of clearly illustrating the silliness of it. I am not using it to hurt the feelings of anyone LGBT, Indian, Black or of any specific faith or lack thereof.

MQ2- Has anyone else found some really cool bands outside you "normal" zone, like a Classic Rock fan falling in love with a Metal band, or a Metalhead getting really into Punk, or Alt Rock, since they came to R&P? Who?

BQ-songs about narrow mindedness, segregation and other such things?

(Mine? "Mississippi" by the Dixie Chicks (Bob Dylan cover) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J28N3R5NTDM

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**Sorry.... I guess I am REAL tired of seeing that question and went a little Rant crazy**

Update 2:

also, i chose Mississippi as the Chicks play it to a video montage of discrimination with race riots, Martin Luther King and such playing on the jumbo-tron)

Update 3:

@Legolas.. 2 things bro.. 1)look up the word "hyperbole" 2) Spend time around the Black Metal fanatic fringe. Pretty much ANYTHING that has sold more than 50 copies and was recorded in a studio is "poser" to them.

Update 4:

@Wicked Child.. yes.. and it is all sooo good! I love to cook, and stuff like naan (wish I had a proper kiln), alu ghobi, tandori chicken, coconut curried duck, etc are YUM! In fact i have never had bad Indian food!

Update 5:

@Erik.. ahh.. BUT, I got to ask.. how many times do you REALLY feel the itch to answer "Whats your favorite Melodeath band" or "Metallica vs Megadeth" in a single day? Seriously, I never come on here searching for questions. If I'm bored and there is one.. great..if not maybe I'll post one, or just keep cruising.

And yet, in spite of only having a tiny number of contacts, I never seem to run out of stuff to answer.

Whereas if I want Metal all the time, all I have to do is go to Blammermouth, or Metal Archives, where I can listen to the narrow minded extreme metal crowd argue with the equally narrow minded glam/power crowd over what IS and IS NOT Metal.

Oh joy.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi KP!

    As you may remember, I am not a lover of "genres" nor would I admit to being a lover of Metal. However, I am a lover of "Music", and I have added to my Library through the hundreds of links that I have listened to in this section. Likewise, Albums have been brought to my attention by people I know of but have not previously been aware of, and I have subsequently purchased them.

    Let me give you one example- Cee Lo Brown. Someone posted "F*uck you" a few weeks ago. I love Soul, investigated a bit further, and bought the Album. Man, I'm 57, and normally "modern" Music passes me by, but it these separatists had their way I would probably never heard it (my Radio Station do not play stuff like this)


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    Do you know what they call animals that dig their heads in the sand- yep, Ostriches.

    MQ: Probably the White Stripes

    BQ: If you can follow my logic, The Who with "Summertime Blues" off Live at Leeds of course


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  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't mind a separate metal section. I mean, I really don't have time most days to scroll through pages of R&P questions to find a few metal questions, so typically I just check my contact's answer's (like whatever they've answered) and do an advance search for "metal". So, anything that my contacts haven't seen and doesn't come up in my search doesn't get looked at by me. For example, if someone asks "Who's your favorite Melodeath band?", unless one of my contacts answers, I'm not going to see it.

    I mean, Y/A probably won't make a metal section in the near future, so it's not like I'm going to complain about not having one, but it would be nice to even have a more refined section like "Metal and Punk" or something.

    MQ2 - Nope. I pretty much stick to metal.

  • 9 years ago

    Hi KP!

    I really don't care either BUT if they already have some sub-categories under Music why not make more so it's easier to find what you're most interested in answering instead of scrolling thru pages of questions?

    With so many pages of open questions in this category it's obvious it would be better if there were more sub-categories and you could still look in the other sub-categories to find other music if you were interested. Not everyone wants to know about or even cares about other music genres and that's their choice.

    There would also be a top 10 answerers in each sub-category so it would be easier to find contacts that were interested in the same music genre as you are.

    Edit; I just looked and there's 99 PAGES of open questions in R&P for just the past week, that's ridiculous and would be much less with more sub-categories!

  • 9 years ago

    Haha! Loved reading that little rant of yours!

    Its better if sections stay the way they are, it exposes other people to different ideas and concepts. For e.g. I don't i think i would have ever bothered to start listening to heavy metal if it had a seperate section. I wouldn't have even gone there, but there isn't and i have started listening because of the number of questions related to it. So that way its a good thing isn't it? :D

    btw agree with the whole indian cuisine thing, i think every state in india has a different cuisine! And having 28 states in my country doesnt help at all. :P

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  • 9 years ago

    while i think there should be a metal section i mean everyone one knows it would be more populated than jazz, classical, or country with a dedicated and passionate fan base i don't really care like others have said you don't have to answer the rebecca black questions

    and i don't think it would change very much they (metalheads)would still troll over in rock n pop calling everything not approved by the stars of ya! or that happens to sell more than 10,000 copies crap and generic(ignorantly as always cause thats what they do)they will still get slipknot and a7x answers to their questions

    everything thing would be the same only they would have a clubhouse so to speak

    and yes i know

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes, I get your point KP, and I think you made it quite well. :) 46 years into this journey, I have noticed that people, in general, tend to:

    1) Assume everybody else agrees with them.

    2) Want the things that interest them highlighted and made more visible than things which don't interest them.

    3) Want more people to be interested in the things that interest them.

    4) Like to assume that what they think is also what everybody else thinks. Like they are the self-appointed spokesperson for that particular interest or cause or whatever............LOL

    Personally, I might like to see hard / rock and metal separated from pop, but if having to sort through the Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa stuff to get to the questions that really interest me is my biggest problem today, then hey, it was a pretty good day.

    Hang in there, KP. The ultimate solution regarding people who constantly and continually complain is to ignore them. The trolls do eventually go elsewhere if you don't feed them with attention here.

    Source(s): Good luck and God Bless.
  • Yes. Having a Rock & Pop section actually means getting more answers for your questions, because there are heaps of people who are fans of both rock and pop. (I'm going to count The Beatles as a pop group). And about the religion category, it should just be retitled as 'people trying to change other peoples religions but come across as trolls)

    And on the topic of segregation, we should start punishing all left-handed students again. Enough with the schools having to purchase different scissors!

    MQ2: I'm into alternative rock, but I'm getting into Public Enemy.

    BQ: Beds Are Burning- Midnight Oil


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  • LOL We could separate the Cat section into Cats, Pussehs and Kittehs (preparing myself for a VN)

    MA2: I found the Pixies since coming to R&P and what a great discovery it was!

    BA: Love that cover, KP, Chicks Rule! The best narrow-minded segregation song ever:

    Billie Holliday "Strange Fruit"


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    OOPS sorry Dave V beat me to the song....OK here's a couple I like about narrow mindedness:

    M.I.A. "Born Free" (can't post the actual vid w/o signing in talk about no privacy)


    Youtube thumbnail

    and this one:

    Beastie Boys "Looking Down the Barrel of A Gun" (I know, you'd prefer the Anthrax cover)


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I still want the section in metal to be divided into all the subgenres to be divided into all the bands in each subgenre to be divided into all the members of each band. Haha but seriously, you're right.

    Mq2: I listen to metal, but I like the rap group NWA.

    BQ: I don't know... Decapitations of deviants by artillery is a bit of a stretch...

  • Things need to be left as is.

    If we seperated into metal & subgenders that would be getting ridiculous.

    I agree with you on all aspects.

    MQ2 Yes,many groups through you and Darth and some others

    BQ I have none offhand. Sry. But here's a star for the nice rant.

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