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road/touring cycling clothing?

im new to cycling for long distances and looking at buying some clothes for the explosive summer here in england we should be getting...

any tips?

what do you wear to stay cool?

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    For riding in hot weather, you need a good quality jersey and shorts designed to wick perspiration away which helps to keep you cool.(they don't need to be the most expensive)

    In contrast, clothing made from cotton will become saturated and will no longer remove perspiration. Even socks can make a difference in your comfort. Gloves are always a good idea, but in summer, (fingerless) gloves can help you keep a grip on the bars.

    Water, drink a lot of water. As you dehydrate, your body will not be able to cool properly. This can lead to a dangerous situation if you continue to push yourself in the heat with out proper hydration.

  • John M
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    9 years ago

    Get a pair of cycling shorts and a jersey with the three pockets on the back. Cycling gloves also help a lot for hand comfort. Even the low cost clothing is better then regular clothing. You don't wear anything under the clothing.

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    I regularly ride in in over 80 degree weather, often to over 100 degrees.. I wear s/s jersey, padded shorts and helmet. Drinks lots of water. On real hot days, I use a sports drink.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    explosive ?

    cycling shorts at least

    a regular cycling jersey

    anything else is extra


    sun block


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