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Question about accessing the internet?

I use my phone to get on the internet, but my dad said that people used to have these big TV things that you could put on your lap and get on the internet through them.

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    yeah that would be laptops. But with internet enabled TVs you can access internet from you TV. And now with the new and advanced STBs like the YouView which BBC is planning to launch in 2012 (delayed from the initial 2011 target), internet content can be accessed from TVs. The best thing is you can even stream videos from your PCs and other devices connected through these state-of-the-art set-top boxes like SlingCatcher. Phones, i think, will still remain as a very convenient and on the go access to internet. But internet enabled TVs will soon be the excitement of using internet at home.

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    big TV things are called laptops you can access internet through your laptops easily.

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    Its called a Laptop, Troll. >.>

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