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spin & twirl

請問各位大家,spin 跟 twirl 兩者的意思有何不同? 如何區分? 煩請詳細告說明,謝謝!!

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    根據 Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms 一書的解釋, spin 和 twirl, 同 turn, revolve, rotate, gyrate, circle, whirl, wheel, eddy, swirl, pirouette 一般, 泛指繞著圈子移動, 或是使某物繞著圈子移動. Spin implies rapid sustained rotation on an inner axis or fast circling around an exterior point (he who but ventures into the outer circle of the whirlpool is spinning, ere he has time for thought, in its dizzy vortex -- Bayard Taylor). Twirl can add to the ideas of spin those of dexterity, lightness, or easy grace (this ... book ... I toss i' the air, and catch again, and twirl about -- Borwning)spin 意指繞著內軸做快速持續的轉動, 或是對外部某一點做快速的繞圈; twirl 則是 spin 的物體具有靈巧, 輕盈, 優雅的特點.


    Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms

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    5. To cause to rotate swiftly; twirl.

    1. To rotate or revolve briskly; swing in a circle; spin

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    這是我個人的感覺囉... 所以如果其他大大有更詳細的解釋,你就一併參考他們的答案。



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