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    針對英文部份, 我勉力為之, 若有謬譯缺漏, 不吝賜教.

    (Anchor 1) Good afternoon, everyone, I am Jovita Moore.(Anchor 2) And I am Tom Regan. Today a Fulton County judge sentenced thirty four-year-old Gary Jackson to life in prison for molesting two children. But the judge saved his harshest words for the victim’s mother. Channel 2’s Dale Cardwell is live at the Fulton County courthouse with the verdict was read this afternoon. Quite dramatic scenes there are.(Dale Cardwell) Tom, I’ve never seen anything like it. It is not unusual to see a child molester sentenced to life in prison. It is unusual to see that the children’s mother openly shamed in the courtroom.(Someone) Defendant, arise.(Dale) Gary Jackson’s going to prison convicted of molesting two young children.(Judge) So I hereby sentence you life in prison on that.(Dale) But the judge reserved his harshest criticism for the mother he says allowed it to happen.(Mother) Thank you Jesus, and thank all you.(Judge) You know what. You’re the cause of this. You are the cause of this and you are just as guilty as his is. You know why? ‘Cause you put your children in risks. You have five children, and you went out drinking, and you didn’t care about the children. And you knew, you knew what was going on(Prosecutor) The facts that came out of the trial are that Mr. Jackson was the on-again-off-again boyfriend of the victim’s mother. He had access to the children. He babysat them. The eight-year-old victim he’s alleged to have digitally penetrated on numerous occasions over the course of the nine-month time span. The sixteen-year-old mentally retarded victim he actually anally sodomized.(Dale) The judge says the mother could and should have stopped him.

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    (Judge) This man moved in with you in January of 2005. In April of 2005, he viciously and sexual violated you. What did you do? You don’t prosecute. You forgive him, you forget about it, and you let him move in with you.

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    (Judge) That's despicable and you are an atrocious mother. You need to really search your soul 'cause you are disgusting.

    (Mother) I have, your honor. I have.

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    (Judge) And there is no excuse of what you did. I sound of said, I haven't heard such vile, disgusting, gross, despicable stuff in my whole 20-year career. OK? And you're not a victim. You are NOT a victim.

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    (Dale) So could it get worse? Yes. The judge says that she allowed another man to do the same thing to her two children back in 2003. And get this. Judge Schwall sentenced Mr. Jackson to two consecutive life terms in prison plus another twenty years.

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    此影片的 Comment 有四百多則, 值得一看.

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    It's the most disturbing news I've ever heard.

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    Although, I can record and translate every word of the video proceedings, unfortunately, there’s no free lunch, you need a fee based professional’s help. Any qualified translation services will do. Please do not take the advantage of the helping hands for granted. That’s immoral.

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