Is this a good Portal fanfiction plot?

I plan to write a fanfiction of the popular game series called Portal. I just need you guys to check it out and see if it's any good. In any case, it's the same plot as Portal, but changed a bit of things as a "reimagining".

Overview: Chell, a test subject, was woken up by a sentient computer named GLaDOS to perform a series of tests in their new Cooperative Testing unit made by Aperture Science. Accompanying her was a male test subject. The male test subject was actually a scientist assigned to monitor Chell due to the fact that previous test subjects were prone to destroying security cameras vital to testing.

As they near the end of testing, Chell and the scientist find out that they will be incinerated and a small diamond microchip will be collected from the dead scientist's brain. The scientist was not informed of this and decides to rebel with Chell and escape the facility. Using their portal guns, they escape certain death and traverses through the offices of the building where they fry the microchip and traverse to GLaDOS' chamber, where a battle ensues.

After the following battle, the building collapses and they are thrown outside. A surviving robot attempts to drag Chell off, but is destroyed by the scientist. The scientist revives Chell with a Left 4 Dead medkit and grabs weapons from the security post. With no other place to go, they head off to City 17, only to meet the forces of the Combine, and many aliens that only want nothing but their death...

And it goes on from there. I'll be handling that after your comments. :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Haha, that sounds awesome. I love the game Portal, and I think that's a great idea. I'd like to read it, actually. Good luck. :)

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