Question about my laptop webcam?

We recently bought a used Toshiba laptop from my uncle who works for the company... It has a webcam and on the side there USED to be a little bar where when you scroll over it showed the webcam features and whatnot... well yesterday the computer apparently got a virus...? and the background turned blue, (nothing absurd... just like i went and clicked on a solid blue picture and put it as my background) well in the process... the little webcam thing went away. My skype works and everything, but i don't know how to get to the webcam anymore. All advice is taken into consideration(: Thank you in advance!

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  • 10 years ago
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    What is the model number, installed operating system ?

    Run a full system scan using your Internet security program to see if it has a virus, malware, spyware.

    Restore to an earlier date and time when every thing worked correctly.

    Go to all programs and read section in user guide manual on using the webcam.

    Look in all programs for the webcam software/program.

    Toshiba Support:

  • 10 years ago

    Well you can go to toshibas website and enter your model number and likely redownload the webcam drivers or just search for a free webcam program as it should detect your webcam as well. But yea try toshibas site

  • 4 years ago

    initially enable us to miss the IT language... ok, it incredibly is a sparkling workstation so i anticipate it has Vista OS ( working gadget)... the Graph Render report is the Webcam treiber ( to enable abode windows OS is known with which webcam is it and in frequently how abode windows ought to cope with it ). for this reason you ought to acquire the maximum recent treiber.... see the call of the webcam bypass to the abode web site and downloaded or i assume take it returned to the shop for a replace is greater effective :-)

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