SSD & SSI Help Please dires need family and Screaming for HELP!!!?

Im not sure if someone will check this or not, but anyone is open to give me advice...

I have been jumping through all the hoops with binder and binder and I am getting ticked off. I have had 4 case workers since Aug of 2010. I have been denied 2 times and they just sent in my apeal to see the judge. I am lossing my house I have less tahn 30 days to get out. My family is falling apart from all of this!!!! We don't have the money to move, we have to depend on the very little tax money that my husband is getting back. My husband and I have a 3 year old girl together and I am on the verge of a f-ing brake down!!!

I got a call today from some random lady at B&B telling me that they submitted my case, and I will have a new caseworker....But, when I called back to talk to the new caseworker the lady told me that she hasnt been asigned to my case yet....She was very uncaring...she kept trying to let me go as I am balling my eyes out!! ITs been 9 months with B&B and thats not including what I did on my own trying to win my case. In total its been since 2009 since I have became disabled...There is no reason for this nonsense!!!!

Tell me that they are going to expidite my case back in Jan. and its towards the end of April NOW!!!!!

What are they doing???!!!! I know that it can take time to win claims and all but my goodness..What is there that I can do...? My husband is about to go insane too because he is the only provider and this is taking a toll on us so badly. We have been together and married in total 10 years and this long process is going to brake up a happy family and create two insane people if it doesn't speed up!!!!! Not only am I suffering with Connective Tissue Disease, Fibro, Depression, Anxiety, driving phobia, chronic joint pain, bulging discs...My house HAS BEEN FORCLOSED ON, my husband is getting super depressed, I am so depressed and my anxiety is at boiling point....How am I to move my family out of our home that we have owned for 6 years WITH NO money!!! Where is my family going to live???? I am screaming for HELP!!!!! All my resources like DHS and Comunity programs are used up. We cant get anymore help on our electric bills because we have used up all that too... Section 8 isnt availible and is closed...WHAT DO I DO?????

This is not fair and there is no reason that this caase should be takign this long to process....Its been since 2009 with my doctors backing me up and so on!!! I did however qualify for medicaid in the state of Michigan becausE I am disabled. I had to fill out lots of forms and have doctors help with them too just like ss...And, in medicaids opinion I am disabled!!!

PLEASE, anyone that can help me I am begging for you to help me!!!!!!

I am scared and in pain very very depressedd full of anxiety and feel as though I am about to snap.....

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    If you have appealed twice and are now seeing a judge, you just need to wait. SSA may not talk to you because you have a layer representing you. If I were you I would look at my contract with Binder and Binder and be sure I owed them no money and fire them. Than contact SSA and say you want to talk to someone about your case and have them explain to you what is going on. Unless your disability is a cognitive disability or makes you stupid, I do not think you need a lawyer to win your case - EVER.

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    You should apply for SSI and Medicaid and you just have to go through that process.

    You can change to a different SSDI disability lawyer. You dont have to stay with Binder. You dont pay any fee unless you win your case, but bear in mind that might take a long time.

    SSDI is permanent federal social security disability and is more difficult to win than SSI, which is temporary disability assistance if you are low income.

    You should put an ad on Housing Wanted on Craigslist explaining your situation. As long as you have some kind of personal or other references that will help get you a place.

    You should call all the social services agencies you can find including private ones.

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    Look.... I am so sorry this is happening to you...

    Like you, I lost everything I own....

    and, I had a good lawyer (one that doesn't even advertise because they don't need to & was recommended by my doctors)

    Unfortunately, this might be your attorney's office... or it might be the backlog in your state...

    the average in my state is apx 3 years... yes 3 YEARS>....

    and even with 5 doctors plus 2 voc rehab counselors all submitting information in agreement with my being disabled and with the help of an attorney who has a success rate of 97% (he only takes very solid cases), I was denied & denied again... SS took 19 months before I got to the second denial... and then when we requested a hearing, all the courts could tell us... it would about another year before the case would be heard (because of the enormous back-log)

    The state of AL would not allow me SSI while i waited, they also would not allow me Medicaid while i waited...... in AL you must be approved for SSI or SSD, they do not take the information from your doctor or your lawyer saying you are disabled

    Heck, I couldn't get food-stamps, even though I had no income.

    My Mom looked into every program you can imagine.... even talked to various churches... there was no one who could help me... even YWCA required income between $5,000 per year & $14,000 to allow someone to come into transitional housing (mom could have paid the amount of $285 per month that they wanted to house me... but I didn't have any income)

    There are no resources like DHS here... someone on pending disability can't get assigned to an adult social worker.

    I know it isn't fair... you will find all sorts of similar stories about families crushed because of the long SSD/SSI wait.

    Finally, my lawyer got a state senator to make a phone call about expediting.. and we received notice that it would be approved for expedite... the only reason was because my live-in boyfriend of 7 years decided he wouldn't help me anymore, kicked me out... and I was then in a shelter for homeless... what we were told was that because I was homeless and registered in a shelter (apparently proof of homelessness) was the reason that I was granted an expedite... but that still took 7 months from agreement to expedite until the hearing... and then another 3 month wait for the check.

    My total... in the end... was right at 3 years... my list of illnesses is strikingly similar to yours.

    and, like you, I hit a breaking point... about 18 months into the process, I had a nervous breakdown.

    I am sorry the system is broken.. in some states it is faster than others... I wish it didn't take so long

    and, all I can say is that the firm you are with... isn't doing you any favors... talk to your doctors & see if they can tell you the answer to this question "If your daughter had to go on SSD at my age, what attorney would you recommend?"

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    I'm very sorry this is happening to you. I know someone who filed for disability in 2009, got denied, got an attorney, and finally has her count date in May of this year. Your attorney can send a letter of dire need to your social security hearing office to help expedite your disability hearing, or you can go to your Congressman's office. Sometimes they can expedite your case, but it is no guarantee you will get your disability. Binder & Binder may have send a letter of dire need already. I'd ask and find out. Even if they have, SS is still the one who decides who gets an expedited administrative law judge hearing. I know the financial hardships you and your family face are overwhelming. The slow process is nearly a guarantee of this. I truly wish I had better advice to give you, but this is all I can think of.

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  • 9 years ago

    They strung you along.I know they did,cause the exact same thing happened to another family i know.If it wasn't for 1 of there family members getting up the rent.They were out of there home for 2 weeks because they too jumped through all the hoops.They were staling them for the inedible.I seriously think they are doing these to get ppl to find their own resources & get them off.At least until there's money in the system.They played this game on purpose.I'm sure of it now cause it's the identical thing happened to another! I would call my local Gov and tell them you are critical and this need immediate attention.Stat! It u own your home they can not sell it.You have 10years to claim it back.I wouldn't trust ur local state agency,they don't even tell ppl this is a game there playing to get ppl off.I think this is some ugly propaganda thing and it's defiantly about $$$.Ask someone in family or friend to help you until it gets settled.You are going to have to go back & get emergency aid beings you have a dependent child.They have women's help in the 1st part of the phone book.I will say a silent prayer for you & yours.It will get settled in the dust 1 way or another.

    Sry,hun I really thought u were talking about welfare,but alto of what i said still applies.The house & all.My husbands been waiting for 4years for a claim about work 4years still we wait! tELL YOUR LOCAL gOV.SENATORS THAT U NEED THEN NOW! Why do you think they TAKE our money?Them bastards work for us1 Put them to WORK! Make them BUST A MOVE OR ELSE! I know something will give if you go to your local Gov.I do wish/hope know it wil be good for you.I am good luck.I bring & send it your way.Go here money-this guy says he really dose give money to ppl.I emailed him 2 times for the other person i told u about.I didn't get it,but you may.It's been about 2 months since i ask.Wouldn't hurt.

    Source(s): Tell your friends to visit Giving Away Free Money at I found the site I told you about.Please tell of your plite! I stiil am thing and prayingabout/for you.Keep in totch and let us know.I am not going to keep this info here long,because he did not help me when i ask to help another.
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