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Ella asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 10 years ago

What can I do? I don't want to see war images or see/read bad stuff?

It doesn't matter where, if it's the newspaper, or commercial on tv or yahoo's front page, you can't escape seeing disturbing images or read about war and before you say it, no i don't have to click on it but it's right there! front page, sure you don't read or see ALL of it on the front page but enough so you know what's going on.

Ok so the reason I am extra upset is because i stumbled upon some war website or some blog and there was images of holocaust victims, nothing i'm sure YOU would find disturbing but I am very sensitive, just seeing the black and white photos of skinny people (dressed) and just seeing their faces like Anne franks face is enough to disturb me and I can't eat because i lose my appetite.

it's not because i feel sorry for anyone or anything (although i do ofc), i'm not even jewish or have experienced anything like that but I DON'T WANT TO KNOW or SEE, it's like, I was planing on having something to eat NOW I can't eat thanks to that!

i have been trying to get my mind off of it by watching disney movies and reading gossip (makes ME happy plz do not judge) but it's not helping.

it's like people do not think about the fact that there are sensitive people like myself out there and we do NOT want to read about war or see images.

I don't even watch the news anymore so i have avoided it but when it's everywhere without warning, it gets me very angry.

like i said, i'm very sensitive and i think there should be a warning before images are published even if it's not blood and stuff, just images of people during that time and stuff, it's not what someone like myself want to see, it ruins our day!

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    It's a tough situation isn't it?

    We live in a world that has hardened it's heart and we either learn to live with it or learn how to live without it. The world that is.

    The problem is; to live without the world you pretty well have to immerse yourself into a hermit's lifestyle. You definitely cannot live like that in the city without exposure to the cruelties all around us.

    Moving to the countryside where the back roads are gravel and the blacktop is a mile or five away would be ideal; but it is lonely.

    How to live in any civilization today without the onslaught of graphic images?

    Can't give you any sound advice on that, I don't know you well enough to advise this or that. But I do know the kind of heart you have from past experience of others that have your attitude towards this imagery. It takes a long heart to heart conversation to come to a conclusion and a means of combating the visual slaps in the face. I would suggest you get together with like minded men and women to hash out a plan to deal with these things. Make a day of it; brunch, good evening meal, and some wine to draw some conclusions. That may help you.

    Wish I had something more for you.

  • Tom
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    10 years ago

    Everything in the world seems pretty bad these days. The only way you could escape it is turn off all media devices off in your house and never leave your house!!!

  • 10 years ago

    Read the magnificently encoraging last 2 chapters of the Bible

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