Line 6 Spider IV effects help...?

I got a new Line 6 Spider 4 120w amp and need help with the effects. I try to use Chorus or Flanger or something, and it doesn't sound as great. I used to have a little Crate 30 wat (I think) and it just had 1 effects knob and I turned it to what effect I wanted and got the sound I wanted for that effect. How do I go about doing so on this amp?

(I mainly want to try effects on songs like Iron Man, Paraniod, Crazy Train, and some others)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Hello there,

    On the Spider you have a bank of knobs for the FXs. You turn each knob to the effect you want. There is a range within each effect. The 1st knob controls the chorus and flanger. Turn to the start of the flanger. You have a small amount of the effect as you continuing to turn the knob, you adjust the amount of the flanger. You will see if you turn past the top of the flanger range, you left the flanger and move into the tremolo. So if you want only the flanger, you set the knob control where ever in the flanger range that has the tone you like.

    Here is a video at Line 6 that may help.

    Here is another video which I think is more helpful. This is a Line 6 Rep at a music store discussing the Spider IV series. The effects discussion starts around 3:45

    Youtube thumbnail

    Also did you know Line 6 has a discussion board where you can get settings from other users. It is in the Community section of their web site. You have to be a registered user to see some things there, but many are open to anyone. No big deal to register, however. Here is a sample discussion thread about amp settings.


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    5 years ago

    Avoid Line 6 amps. They sound pretty awful. You need something with valves. Look at Bugera amps, especially the V22. 22 watts (really more like 15 or 20) through one 12 inch speaker, two channels, all valve. It doesn't really have that much gain, not metal-level gain, but you can probably find an amp tech to hotrod it pretty cheap. They're relatively well built, and have a pretty fair tone. I don't know what they sell for in England, but you can get one for $350US (£230) in the US. Always look in pawn shops and on eBay for deals, though. Personally I got a 65 watt Peavey valve amp for $100US (£65) this year just by being in the right place at the right time.

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    10 years ago

    Have you tried the 'Insane' effect with some Chorus and Flanger with less bass and more treble and boost?

    Source(s): Owner of Line 6 Amp
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