Ever used the Steam Game Engine?

Hi. I just made an account to the Steam Game Engine and am planning to buy a game...can someone give me a basic explanation of what you can do in Steam and things like that? Also, I'm looking for a good game that is multiplayer so you can connect online and play with other users...do I have to add friends to my account to do that or can I just randomly play whenever? Any recommendations for games? Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Steam allows you to purchase many types of games from their store and it installs/updates the games pretty much automatically for you. Another thing it does it that it allows you to add friends, join groups, and view a browser while playing. The groups are basically large communities that offer events and other social events for games that make joining them interesting.

    A good game to start off with that's fun/interesting would be Team Fortress 2.

  • 4 years ago

    Why do no longer you attempt utilising Unity3d. it incredibly is notably cool. BurgZergArcade makes some stable tutorials, hyperlink in my "resource". He makes use of C#. yet I additionally advise you learn C++.(i opt to advise having some C# experinece below belt earlier attempting the BurgZergAcracde Tutorials in any different case could finally end up in simple terms copying and pasting and in case you get a compiler errors you wont now a thank you to repair it so i opt to advise commencing with scratch) verify it out. in all likelihood could start up smaller and use MIT Scratch

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