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Why are Chimpanzees so BRUTAL when they kill humans?

I dont expect them to be nice when they kill. But I read a story in the African Newspaper that my dad sent to us where a chimpanzee had escaped from the zoo. It made a car crash in the jungle and there were 4 people in it. It smashed the window open and pulled a guy out and bit off half of his hand and started knawing on its foot and they honked the horn and it scared it away and they all hopped the fence. Except the guy with his hand bitten off. He tried hopping it but the chimp came back and slammed him on the ground off the fence and started eating his foot. The other 2 kept on running and one hopped over the fence and started beating it with a big stick and then started ramming it on the chimp against a tree and it ran away. And they went to the hospital and the guy with a chewed off hand went into the emergency room because he was dying. And the guy couldnt go in because he had no shirt from giving it to the guy to cover his hand with. He was outside and a guy pulled up and showed the guy with no shirt his other friend in the back of a trunk dead. His jaw was completely torn off, his eyes were picked out, both feet were torn off, he was missing an arm, and his groin was in what was left of his mouth.

That is a horrible... horrible death. Why do they kill like this?


This isnt a rumor. Where'd you get that idea? This news story was even put on a show called "I Shouldnt Be Alive" I havent seen it but Im sure you could find it on Youtube if you dont believe me.

And there was even an attack here in the USA. Where a girl had a chimp as a pet and gave it xanax and the chimp went crazy and started beating the owners friend and then started eating her face. Starting with her eyes, lips, mouth, teeth, cheeks, everything. The person who was attacked was even on Oprah and showed her face to the world. It was horrible... She has no face except a hole that she breathes out of.

And another similar story that I read about was when they were trying to transport the chimp into its cage but the chimp went crazy and literally tore the girls face off killing her instantly.

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    Two reasons, really.

    First, primates are not naturally adapted to be predators. Generally monkeys and apes are either herbivores or omnivores. The smaller kinds are insectivores. What this means is as a group, primates lack the physical adaptations which carnivores employ to make efficient kills. Primates can have large canine teeth, but they are used as defensive weapons and not for hunting. The canine teeth of predators like cats are very long and curved. Cats use them to pry open the neck bones and sever the spinal cord. This paralyzes the prey immediately. Dogs are somewhat less efficient and use a pack to chase down prey and then literally tear it to pieces. Lacking these attributes, chimps are forced to literally beat their prey to death.

    Second, humans are probably the weakest animals on earth in terms of size/strength ratios. This helps to explain why an animal half our size can have 4 times our strength. Humans have many fetal characteristics they carry through adult life. This includes small teeth, lack of body hair and very inefficient muscles. It is probably the price to be paid for having such an enormous brain. This is another fetal characteristic, allowing the brain to continue growing long after humans are born.

    It also helps to understand how chimpanzees live in the wild. Like lions, chimps live in male dominated groups in a clearly defined territory. Unlike lions, it is the male chimps who stay in the territory all their lives. The females can leave the group and join another with a minimum of risk. Any male unwise enough to leave the group risks death if caught trespassing in another territory. Also, if a new female already has an infant it is almost always killed and eaten by the resident males. Lions will also kill the cubs of another male if he is driven from the pride. I don't believe lions eat their cubs, though. Meat is an extremely important thing to chimpanzees because it is more than simply food. They use it politically. The owner of a carcass can pass out tidbits to friends and punish enemies by giving them none.

    Chimps appear so brutal simply because humans don't have the strength to defend themselves and are at the mercy of the chimp. Like a bear attack, the chimp can become extremely violent if the victim attempts to defend themselves. Most people simply don't realize that a chimp has several times their strength and things soon get completely out of control. If unmolested, wild chimps generally ignore humans. If not accustomed to them, they will run away if given the opportunity. Jane Goodall studied them and it took years to be able to get close enough to watch them. Males routinely beat up juveniles and females to establish and maintain their dominance but they did not interact with Jane. She tried to keep any direct contact to a minimum to elicit their natural behaviour. Jane was only attacked once. The males had just killed a monkey and Jane had taken off her jacket and laid it next to her. One of the older males arrived on the scene late and mistook Jane's coat for part of the carcass. He charged over and hit Jane. He broke off the attack the moment he realized it was not actually meat. No apologies, of course and Jane reported she got quite a bruise.

    Source(s): chimps and humans and primates in general
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    I wouldn't trust one, they seem like some elephants that go on a rampage and kill. Maybe they have some pent up anger at humans from some former mistreatment, something pushes them over the edge and they do some serious damage.

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    From what I know, animals in the wild, though dangerous, are more easily intimidated by humans. But in captivity, they are used to them and could gradually become more stressed with having the keepers deciding when they eat, sleep etc and then being constantly watched(some are even abused by visitors or keepers).

    This can give them paranoia and remove their instict of only killing to eat(at least normally).

    The animal in this story clearly just wasnt looking to kill and eat but displaying anger, paranoia and aggression.

    PS: Humans are a greater threat to animals than animals are to them.

    Source(s): Intuition and reading.
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    It's their nature. This is what's normal for them. Especially when they're killing for political reasons, their goal is to cause harm, not just get the job done.

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    They AREN'T.

    Sadistic titillating & lying rumor-mongering isn't reality

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