Can a male officer in the state of Ohio, legally search a female without a female officer present?

I was recently involved in a traffic stop with friends, 3 males and 1 other female than myself. We assumed that we were pulled over for veering around 2 dumb kids on scooters at night with no reflective or safety gear on. Also it was raining, so why were they out anyways? - - - The officer approached the car and asked to see the driver's license, which he didn't have with him. The other female passenger didn't have hers either nor did I or one other passenger. One passenger did though. The officer took our names and SSN's and checked them out. At that point I'm wondering why he didn't say why he had pulled us over yet. When he came back to the car, he told us that we were all under arrest. WHAT?!?!?! What the hell for? We avoided some stupid kids on the side of of state route, that's it. Anyways, he took the driver, 1 of the males, and searched and questioned him. He then placed him in the back of the cop car and returned to ours. He read us our rights, note that we still don't know what for or why, and the other female was asked to get out. He then searched her. After that he searched another male, and then myself. He started on my left ankle and worked his way up, with the FRONT of his hands until he touched, well you know. Not for very long but still. He then continued down my right leg and then around my waist and up my sides until his hands rested under my armpits, his fingers touching the sides of my breasts. WTF IS GOING ON??? I didn't stop him because I couldn't speak. He then started digging in the pocket on my sweatshirt, which was large because it's my boyfriend's and the pocket hangs low over know. I felt his hand in my personal area quite a few times, as he's trying to play it off by asking me about the simple objects he's pulling out of my pocket. After he finished his search with me, he pulled the last passenger out (my boyfriend), who hadn't seen what happened, and began to search him. The entire time the driver and other female were in the back of the police cruiser and myself and my boyfriend's brother were standing outside in the freezing rain and wind. I started shaking so bad that I about collapsed. There was another male officer there watching me and the other passenger. He did nothing, said nothing, and looked at nothing it seemed. After he finished his search on my boyfriend, he searched our vehicle. - - - Were we wrong in any way? I don't see how we could be, we did nothing wrong. He never told us what he pulled us for or why he arrested us all. - - - So, my question is: Is it legal for a male officer to search a female without a female officer present if the suspect (me) is not rebellious or resistive and complied with everything the officer commanded? Looking for some real answers, not dumb *** remarks PLEASE. Thanks.


Along with the above question, I have contacted my lawyer and explained what happened. He told me that I can file the suit, and that the dash-cam video would be reviewed immediately. I am not a lyer nor do I appreciate being thought of as one. So my other question is, is what he did to me if proof is available, valid to stand up in court?

Update 2:

There was was no reason why he arrested us and if there was he didn't tell us about it! We know that a cop lives a couple of houses down from the house where the birthday party was we were at. A K-9. He walked right by us and as soon as the dog, (do not judge please) as soon as the dog was 5-10 ft from us the man said something in a low voice and the dog started yipping, not barking yipping. K-9's won't bark when they mark they yip, right?

Update 3:

So I was sexually assaulted in full view of a video camera and he never told us what we had been pulled over for OR why we were placed under arrest. We avoided some kids on the road at night. We didn't do anything wrong. - - - And I misspelled lier earlier.. sorry :)

Update 4:

John- I am telling the truth. He NEVER gave us a reason. The only thing I did not mention, but hinted at was the fact that a couple of us had an illegal drug with us. That's it! I don't know what else to tell you. And as I mentioned earlier... LIEING is a waste of time for me. My military training (I'm now no longer active duty) has taught me that lieing gets you nowhere but trouble. That's the last thing I want. So please don't tell me that I'm not telling the whole story.

Update 5:

And I called the state highway patrol office, there were 3 female officers on duty that night in the area or very near to it. I am friends with several police officers and this has got to be the most disgusting experience I have ever been through. I am sick to my stomach to even recall the events. I haven't bee focusing on my schoolwork, my boyfriend and I are both really tense, and I feel that there needs to be something done.

Update 6:

It was a container with rolling papers and a small pair of scissors. no actual drugs. we didn't have any and we didn't bring any with us to a birthday party with 20 some odd kids around. most of which were under the age of 12. It was a family party. No drinking, no drugs, we had to walk to the back of the yard to smoke our cigarettes.

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    9 years ago
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    The answer:

    Yes male officers are allowed to search female suspects. There are many times no female officers are available (they don't exactly stand around waiting for a call to go search somebodies suspect).

    No officers can not simply randomly stop you and arrest you "for no reason". There was a reason, you just don't want to say.

    If you want a truly honest answer to your questions on this forum, you need to tell the complete truth. I won't judge you, everybody makes mistakes. But if you lie, you will not receive a complete answer, and most likely get trolled.


    Well now that you admit there were illegal drugs in the car the full story is starting to come out. I have no doubt there was furtive movement when you were pulled over, people hiding the drugs, people in the car high, etc.

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  • 9 years ago

    yes it is legal. Officers are not chosen for their gender, nor are they assigned to their patrol area based on gender. Any officer may search any detainee or arrested person.

    Likely you were video recorded as well, as most searches are conducted in front of the patrol car in full view of the dash-cam. This is done to protect officers from false allegations of inappropriate behavior during searches.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The answer is NO. But cops think they are above the law.

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  • 9 years ago

    They can do whatever they want. Now you know why people hate cops.

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