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    新手賣家一開始看到這些縮寫,應該會像在看天書一樣霧煞煞,在此列出一些較常用的縮寫來協助新手賣家,其他更詳細的縮寫,賣家可按我到Help/eBay acronyms查詢 。

    DSR: Detailed Seller Rating (additional, but anonymous, Feedback ratings buyers can give sellers)

    FAQ: frequently asked questions (a list of questions with answers.)

    FVF: final value fee

    GBP: Great Britain pounds

    GU: gently used (item that has been used but shows little wear, accompanied by explanation of wear)

    LTD: limited edition

    NIB: new in box

    NWT: new with tags

    NWOT: new without original tags

    S/O: sold out

    Source(s): 威小子部落格
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