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請幫我把這段中文翻成英文!!! (非常急)謝謝!!!!









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    I like using the long-range teaching attending class very much, because may utilize the time which one want to study, if attends class in the classroom entity, meets the question I to meet does not dare to raise hand to ask a question, but the long-range teaching is dissimilar, one 踫 to the topic, I be possible the very fast surfer to look for the material to dispel doubt, may immediately obtain the explanation.   This semester's attending class, is with lets us read the article the way, I thought that study effect good very, the reading article may increase my reading knowledge, this is precisely my deficient ability, uses this semester the class, let my reading knowledge promote many, and gave using teacher the work topic, the full understanding article expressed the meaning, each Monday share work will have the too big burden, let me have the high academic motivation to English, but will look like before same such repelled it.   This semester's curriculum content and big one, big two difference, lies in big one, big two curricula quite to take the individual character and the phrase, but this semester's class is different, I thought what quite takes seriously is the reading knowledge and the writing ability, I thought that this is very good, because the individual character and the phrase are not I now the most main demand, I now most deficient am reading and writing ability.

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