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1.Passport Book number ? 我知道這不是護照號碼的意思?但是我看了護照,上面並沒有這個"passport book number"啊?到底在哪看得到?

2. Country / Authority that issued passport : 這裡指的是台灣吧?

3. city where issued ? 外交部在台北,所以是填寫台北吧?



1.申請表中有一項是passport number,就是我們的護照號碼!這我知道!!!

那 passport "book" number 咧? 在護照上看得到嗎?

2. 我是在台北辦的!

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    1. Basically, it means passport number. You can find it at the top right portion of the information page of your passport.

    The reason why it says "Passport Book" is the U.S. is one of the countries that has a passport card - as passport card can't be used for international travel - so they have to make it specific that they want the book form of passport.

    2. Not exactly - Taiwan is a partial correct answer. The correct answer (based on your passport) is Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    3. You can leave that blank or N/A - as your passport does not specific where it is issued (in some countries, the passport will tell where it was issued).

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    1. Passport Book number ?


    2. Country / Authority that issued passport :

    TAIWAN3. city where issued


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