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I have been looking for the title of a movie for a long time. Will you help?

I have a very vague description but here goes nothing. The movie involves a man who is sewn together with different colors of skin. I distinctly remember him having two different colored eyes and longer hair. I do not remember the certain circumstances in which he was injured but I can remember him being wrapped in a cast and being rehabilitated throughout the movie. There was a white room that the man was trapped in. The main character experiences visions of the deaths of the people that he was put back together with. I remember that the man escapes the institutionalized confines and experiences freedom. I do not think this was a popular movie and was considered a B movie. I know that this is not a lot to go off, but anything will help. I do know in fact that it is not body parts. Please help. This question plagues my mind with uncertainty of what is real and fantasy.

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    The above poster is correct. Definitely Mr. Stitch, by Killing Zoe writer/director Roger Avary. It was intended to be the pilot for a French TV show, but it was never picked up. Starred Wil Wheaton, Rutger Hauer, Pia Zadora and Ron Perlman. Make-up FX were by none other than the Master of Splatter himself, Tom Savini. I thought it was rather good, myself; wore out my VHS copy of it back in the 90s.

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    Dark Man?



    Source(s): Just forget about it man. I too have been searching history for books and movies that I've lost...I know I'll never see them kills me inside.
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    It might be Mr. Stitch

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    is it a hannible lector movie?

    maby Hannible? i really dont know

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