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Is there a place on the internet to play the old Pen and Paper RP games?

As I don't even know where to get them, is there a place to play all the old Pen and paper games like Dungeons and dragons etc. ? I wasn't old enough to play them and they look fun.

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    I regularly play Pen and Paper RPGs, both "old" systems (D&D) and New systems(Savage Worlds, Dresden Files). They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but I've had fun with all the systems I've tried.

    I've not explored the world of playing Pen and Paper RPGs online though I know those forums exist, I just meet up with my friends and we play. But I'll see what I can find, again, I can't say whether or not any of the pages I link to are good, I haven't used them myself.

    There's a system called "Open RPG" where you can create a visual representation of an RPG and lead characters through complex maps while chatting in a sort of Private chat room sort of situation.

    There's also "Fantasy Grounds" a very nice looking system.

    And like I said there are plenty of places that I've heard of that are online forums or e-mail banks where players can all play together while not actually being in the same room, sadly I am not seeming to find them and can't provide links. Sorry.

    If you want to play a Table Top RPG without the computer, you can go to your local Board Game Store or Comic Book Shop and see if there's a local group that plays that's looking for new players. You can also check out and search for RPG Players or D&D and see what's available in your area.

    I suggest finding a local game group because that's how I've made some of my closest friends. Since we're all nerds and like to play RPGs together we've also found that we love to do other things together like watch MST3K or play Board Games. Again, that's my personal choice and you might be better at the computer RPG thing.

    I hope this can help point you in a helpful direction.

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    As the previous responder stated, there are a number of apps that allow traditional look-and-feel tabletop RPG gaming online. Besides the two mentioned (Open RPG is my personal favorite btw), two others are MapTools and Gametable. For an even close feel to f2f gaming, you can combine any of those with a VoIP chat like Skype (which also reduces the typing burden, especially for the GM.)

    Open RPG has a number of windows within the app:

    Game Tree - this holds various nodes for such things as mini icons, character 'sheets', diebot hothey commands and so on

    Battlemat - this has several tabs (some of which only available to the GM). Besides the mini tab (where icons can be places and moved about on the grid), there's also a whiteboard tab (for drawing on the map in various colors) and a background tab (where the GM can load a previous-created complex map as a background to the battleboard)

    Chat - besides the main chat window (which everone can see) there are also private chat tabs for whispering to/from the GM, etc. The diebot is incorporated into the chat and you can either simply click on a die icon to 'roll' a dice or complex computations programmed to a hotkey (including such things as 'roll 4d6 and take best 3' or 'roll a d12 and treat any result lower than 3 as 3'.)

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  • 9 years ago

    I would thinks so, that would be really cool

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