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Portal 2 story question?

I just bought portal 2 today and so far I love the game. But I have no idea on what is going on story wise. If anyone has played the first one of some of the half-life series can you give me a summary of what I need to know to understand this game. Thanks.

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    I don't yet own Portal 2, but it looks like a great game. I did see some walkthroughs on it and got informed of most of the storyline, so I'm pretty sure I can answer some of your questions.

    First of all I strongly suggest you read the internet comic Lab Rat from the Portal 2 website ( as it shows what happens in between the first game and Portal 2. A robot drags Chell, the protagonist, into a cryo-chamber that looks like a motel room. However, the life support was shut off and a man, supposedly the Rat Man, managed to turn the life support on, saving Chell's life.

    The actual game takes place a few years after Half-Life 2 and lifetimes after the first Portal, from my understanding, and the Aperture Science labs are a wreck, as you may have seen, especially since you destroyed GLaDOS in Portal.

    I hope that clears a lot of your questions!

    Source(s): I own the first Portal, saw some Portal 2 walkthroughs, read the comic Portal: Lab Rat, and know most of the Half-Life story.
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