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tap water/ ro water ratio? please answer?

I was recently told not to use pure ro water in my fish tank because it doesn't have enough minerals and to mix it with a bit of tap water. How much tap water to ro water should i use?


I think the nitrate would still be to high if i used half tap. the nitrates from my tap water is almost 100.

Update 2:

thanks. also my tap water is really hard so maybe 25% tap would work?

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    I use half tap water half RO water and that keeps my NItrates under 20 so if you fill your bucket with half tap water you add the other half as RO water .

    Edit ..that is high mine were 50 hence why i do half and half and it works for me i don't know if you could get away with using 75% RO and the rest tap water hopefully some one will will be able to answer that question.

    Edit..I am not sure about the 25% tap water and 75% RO water i will be honest about that i know you have to add some kind of minerals if using 100%^ RO water but i know some one that keeps Discus in 100% RO water so still not sure but good luck.

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