Estimated daily food costs in Paris, Strasbourg, Dordogne (Brantome/Sarlat), San Sebastian and Athens?

My wife, daughter (in the single digits), and I will be in each of these places on our trip from mid-June to early July. I am trying to gauge the food costs generally. The US dollar has been on the decline, so where possible, I am trying to devise plans for saving some money on overall food costs while still visiting restaurants about once a day. Any advice is appreciated.

We have no plans for going to any truly fancy/gourmet restaurants. We don't mind street food occasionally either, so I figure these may help save a few dollars/euros.


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  • 9 years ago
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    France will be around a little less then 10 euro ($14us) a person per meal. Greece will be around 6euro ($8) per person per meal.

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