Help! Giant Unknown bug in basement!?

I'm terrified of bugs of any sort but I went down stairs to do our laundry (we have a stone basement, unfinished) and I began to ruffle through the pile from that week. I picked up a pair of my scrub pants which felt as though they were vibrating when out tumbled what appeared to be the biggest bee I've ever laid eyes upon. I kid you not this thing is bigger then my thumb. Naturally.. I bolted. I snatched up my cat whose always on the prowl for these things and snuck to the basement with her. There I found this massive thing can fly as it's buzzing around one of my light bulbs. Well my apologizes to my cat but she's down there and I hope she catches the damn thing. My skins crawling thinking about this thing.. what should I do.. My fiancées not due home for another two hours

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) You can either hang up a sticky fly strip or hide a small sticky bug catcher box under or behind furniture, in a cabinet or such place.

    2) Find an object to exterminate the pest, if you need a more immediate exterminating method such as a news paper, piece of cardboard, a paper-back book or a regular fly swatter. Roll it up or position it in your hand so it is comfortable.

    i) Position it about a foot above the insect.

    ii) Hit the insect. But you need to hit it fast enough so that it doesn't have time to react but hard enough to exterminate the insect on contact.

    iii) Scrape and/or wash the insect-remains off the surface and dispose of it in a fashionable manner

    3) As an alternate to crushing the bug, you can make or buy a spray household pesticide.

    i) Mix about 5% orange oil with 95% water or 10% orange oil with 90% water [1] (not orange cleaner) in a sprayer bottle like an old Windex(r) bottle (shake the mixture well before each use) follow manufacturer recommendations on their label or website.

    ii) Buy a commercial product and follow the labeled directions.

    4) Then, spray down the bug and any area where you think it may be or may enter the dwelling and save and refill the orange oil sprayer and dispose of the empty can in a reasonable manner.

    5) Another organic earth product is diatomic earth [2] a powdered form of an irritant for insects that kills them by getting into their joints.

  • 4 years ago

    I had the comparable concern - have been given right here during through my companion this evening. White little bugs around the drain. We used bleach and additionally sprayed some Raid there afterwards (now no longer mandatory i think of of, Bleach is bodily effectual sufficient). We basically would desire to desire to video show it and "Bleach" it often times. No ask your self we stated a million or 2 fruit flies on a similar time as our house is stored super sparkling each and each and each and all the time, we've been finding fhard or the "source". looks some maggots as stated through people suited right here close to to the drain. i assume the region there are moist, moist, dam area those subjects would desire to look.

  • 9 years ago

    Just stay out of the basement if you are that scared. It's just a bug. The world won't come to an end.

  • 9 years ago

    It is probably a water bug. They're ugly but harmless. Get a can of Raid and go after it. It can't hurt you.

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    9 years ago

    Go rescue the poor cat.

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