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I know that the NFC WEST is not the best division. but i think this year there will be 3 possible playoff teams in that division. and i think each of them will have 8 wins or more. Rams, seahawks, and the 49ers will be the three teams. The seahawks showed how good they could be in the wild card game. Hasselbeck proved how good he is. The Rams showed that all they needed was a QB to make there team get up there in the win collumn. The 49ers have QB trouble, but i am sure there new coach will make a decision on what to do in that position. The reason I left the cardinals out of this race is because they have problems in alot of positions. It will take a year or two to have them contending again. Do you agree with this?


there are enough slots to let them in so dont say there isnt.

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    I think the rest of the NFC is too strong for all 3 to get in, the Cardinals are probably gonna have a down year, barring some kind of miracle, I would like to believe the 9ers will be much better this year, but if they don't find somebody to play QB, then they're gonna have another year out of the playoffs, the Rams I believe are the team to beat in that Division, it's just the NFC South could have 3 playoff teams, the NFC North could have 3 playoff teams, and the NFC East could have 2, along with 2 from the West, there just isn't enough spots for all 3, also I believe the Seahawks will have a .500 year, Hasslebeck can't play consistently, and is always very vulnerable to injury, Whitehurtst doesn't seem like he can play in the NFL, I do agree that the West is gonna be competitive this year, I just don't think 3 teams will make it from the West.

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    NFC West

    Rams - 9-7

    Seahawks - 7-9

    49ers - 5-11

    Cardinals - 3-13

    NFC East

    Eagles - 11-5

    Cowboys - 10-6

    Giants - 8-8

    Redskins - 6-10

    NFC South

    Saints - 12-4

    Falcons - 10-6

    Buccaneers - 8-8

    Panthers - 3-13

    NFC North

    Packers - 13-3

    Bears - 10-6

    Lions - 8-8

    Vikings - 7-9

    1. Packers

    2. Saints

    3. Eagles

    4. Rams

    5. Bears

    6. Falcons

    I partially agree with you and partially disagree. I could see one of the Seahawks, Rams, or 49ers making the playoffs by winning the division, however I disagree they will all have records above .500 and that they could all be in the playoffs (by having the two teams that don't win the division having WC spots). The NFC is simply too deep a of a conference, and as I have shown from my record predictions (which are just off the top of my head), there might be three teams that have 10-6 records. I have a hard time believing that ANY of the NFC West teams will have a record equal to or greater than 10-6.

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    The NFC West is kind of boring. There really are no very good teams, and no horrible teams. They're all in the middle. I think that it will lead to a competitive race for the division. In the end, 9-7 will win it for the Rams but It will be competitive. The seahawks showed they can be competitive at home but werer TERRIBLE on the road all year and I see that trend continuing, and they have some tougher home opponents (Atlanta, Philly, Baltimore) to deal with too. Keep in mind that the West has to play the AFC north and the NFC east; not two of the easiest divisions.

    1 rams 9-7

    2 49ers 8-8

    3 seahawks 7-9

    4 cards 5-11

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    Well, I like your optimism, but I don't see the West being that strong in the NFC. The NFC West is very similiar to the AFC West in that the teams are so weak against each other and against other teams in their conference. I think the NFC West is still the weakest division in the NFL. But the reason why I don't agree with your prediction is because each of the 4 teams within the division have problem areas that they need to address.

    For example, look at the Seahawks (I know you are a fan). Sure they did show potential in their playoff game against the Saints, but one game doesn't mean they will be instant contenders. For one, they still need to decide on who will be the RB. Will it be Marshawn Lynch, or will they bring in someone else? Defensively they need work. Their team is inconsistent on that side of the ball, and I think they need to improve if they want a chance in the NFC. Offensively besides the RB position, the QB position is still a question mark. I think Hasselbeck starts, but how effective will he be?

    For the Rams and 49'ers? Well I think the Rams do improve a great deal. They seem to have a solid team already. The 49'ers I think struggle because they are likely to deal with the growing pains with their new coaching staff and players. Also there is still an issue with the QB position. For the Cardinals it is the same problem. They don't have a QB (at least not yet) that they can use each year and be a viable option. I think they too struggle. So I say this to say, the West will remain weak in most areas, but I expect the Rams and possibly the Seahawks to be better but that is if the Seahawks improve in key areas.

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    Friendly Stranger has wrapped it up fairly well. The NFC West is improving, but I don't think that they're ready yet. Seattle has problems to work through (and Hasselback is not the long-term answer. He was great in his prime, but he's on decline now, though he still has flashes of his old brilliance). The Rams are improving, but Bradford is still a second year QB. I believe that he will become a premier QB in the league and return the Rams to dominance, but he's not there yet. The Cardinals are struggling, with little sign of hope for the future. That leaves the 49ers; easily the most talented team in the NFC West (if not the NFC). They have more impact players than most teams in the league, but have struggled with leadership, coaching and of course at QB. As a 49er fan, I have great hope for the future (after all, look what they did with their last Stanford head coach); and I think Harbaugh will get it done. But it 'is' his first year with the Niners, and even Bill Walsh took 2 years to get results. I think the Niners make a run in 2012, but I'm not expecting too much this year.

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    I don't think there are enough slots in the playoffs to let all three of them in.

    Here are my playoff picks for next year (if there is a next year)

    1st Seed: Packers (Yeah, I'm biased) (14-2)

    2nd Seed: Saints (13-3)

    3rd Seed: Niners (yeah, they will have a better year than the NFC East teams) (11-5)

    4th Seed: Eagles (10-6)

    5th Seed: Falcons (11-5)

    6th Seed: Giants (10-6, lost tiebreaker with Eagles)

    Just missed:

    Bucs (9-7)

    Lions (9-7)

    Seahawks (9-7)

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    Any given team can make it to the playoffs in any given season. That said, I think that you are being waaaaay too optimistic in thinking that 3 teams from arguably the worst division are playoff material. In fact, of the entire division, I think that team most likely to have playoff success would be the one team you didn't mention: the Cardinals. If they can get a QB from FA, they have everything else in place. The next team is probably the Rams.

    At least one of them will make the playoffs (assuming there is a season), but I wouldn't count on their records being much better than they were.

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    The Seahawks won't be that good next year. The 49ers will be better, but it will take a few years for them to be great. The Rams will also take a few more years.

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    Chargers will win, they're going to conquer the Bengals and Broncos.... at the same time as KC will beat the Titans yet lose to the Raiders subsequently arising a tie, yet, Chargers would accept the dept as a results of a three-3 branch record at the same time as KC a 2-4 Seahawks will win, next week they're going to lose to the Bucs at the same time as the Rams will knock off the 49ers. yet, the Seahawks will beat the Rams interior the superb at threat of create a tie for the dept, and Seattle will own the dept record at 4-2 the position the Rams would have a 2-4...

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