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Basics of "Art Deco"?

I have looked on Wikipedia etc and it is all terribly complicated. I cannot find just a few simple facts about the art movement, can someone please help? Thanks very much ^.^

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    It has a very definite beginning - the Decorative Arts Exhibition of 1925 (Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes) when the style was first launched. It was a huge success and flourished through the interwar years propelled by style magazines of the time and the motion picture industry. In Britian interior designers like Syrie Maugham did her all-white room in the Kings road which launched a thousand imitators - at the movies Fritz Langs metropolis is a homage to the art. Frank Pick pioneered the use of deco posters on the London Underground.

    It was about modernisms - and a geometric antidote to the art nouveau which preceded it. It was eclectic in the extreme - drawing on Mayan and Egyptian forms (Tutankhanun's tomb was discovered in 1922) and was about mimimalism, streamlining, exciting new technologies which brought about a sense of speed. The Chryslyer building and Empire State are all examples of the period which worked particularly well as architecture - blocky geometric forms usually symmetrical - in London the Daily Expresss building on Fleet Street by Owen Williams is a perfect example of the genre.

    Favourite motifs were sunbursts and nautical imagery but anything went. proponents were people like The Bauhus chool at Dessau, Christopher Dresser (ahead of his time) Betty Joel, Eileen Grey. It is is instantly recognizable as a style - Clarice Cliff (Bizarre) and Suzie Cooper ceramics are easily - Wells Coates designs for the Erco radio sets - many designs of the period carried out in sumptious materials like sharkskin funriture, exotic woods, or the wonder material bakelite.

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