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Anyone think Tony Jaa could beat any MMA fighters?

I know a lot of you will say that he's small and weak, but he's really fast and saying any MMA fighter could beat him is 'almost' like saying any MMA fighter could beat Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was very very very fast, and Tony Jaa is very very fast (possibly fast as Bruce Lee), and the MMA fighters are probably only very fast, get what I'm sayin'? Lol

There is a show and I think it's called "human weapon" or something like that and there's a wrestler and a MMA fighter that go around the world learning about martial arts and I saw an episode where they go to thai land and learn about traditional muay thai and I saw a lot of moves Tony Jaa used on the movies. And at the end of the episode they fought a thai fighter that fights in muay thai and they American fighter got his *** handed to him. Wouldn't that apply to Tony Jaa also?

A lot of you might say Tony Jaa doesn't or never got into a real fight or ever had a professional career, but consider this; you never know and plus I bet he trains and perfects his techniques every day and I believe he would beat at least most of the MMA/UFC fighters in his weight and most of his losses would probably be because he can't use a certain move. I bet he's gotten into real fights before.

PS: Tony isn't THAT weak, he's got SOME muscle, btu you can't just say he's a skinny twig, he's got a small but not WEAK or too small build. Probably not really weak either.

PSS: Please don't get stuck on the fact that I said Tony Jaa might be as fast as Bruce Lee was.

R.I.P. Bruce Lee...


@krypteian, is there any reason to believe that human weapon and the matches (fights) they have at the end of the episode are false?

Guys you have to remember they aren't using special effects and crap like that and it takes lots of experience to learn those moves and do them fast and flawless even with choreography.

And definently don't say Bruce Lee was ONLY an actor. Or he'll have chuck norris find you... (Lol)

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    well, they say he faced a lot of muay thai fighters in his hometown without being defeated. i think he is damn skilled. youre right, he is very fast, but especially very spectacular and has a very aggressive fighting style. i think he would finish some mma guys with his devastating striking ( he could be one of the most powerful strikers and kickers in his weight class), but get submitted by others.

    to sum up: hes not just an actor how some people might claim! this guy can really fight, thats for sure. when i saw him the first time, he impressed me much, and he still impresses me. i think his movies are the greatest martial arts films today. imagine that he doesnt use speedcams or special effects.

    and i heard he holds the world record for the highest kick (3, something metres??)... im not that sure about it.

    MMA is not the real deal at all. and Tony Jaa is in his own class.

    excs my english, im german

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    We all aware that Tony Jaa is an actor, and just like you said also, he never been in any competition yet.

    So lots of explanation you had been made, but movies contain so many choreograph moves and an actor may take a break once he feel so tired and got weakened due to some enormous actions, besides movies has some fantastical moves and tricks to make its viewers entertained more.

    Frankly, I will truly doubt that he can beat any MMA fighters, because they had been develop to fight and not to act, besides, speed is not enough to prove that certain person is so competitive in MMA, what bother most here is a skills and knowledge that the fighters must know, especially in dealing every scenario in the ring or octagon.

    Good luck


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    "Any MMA fighter" is saying something, there are a ton of guys who fight MMA in local or regional shows, who lack any serious skill what so ever. Is it possible Tony Jaa could take "Any MMA fighter" absolutely. I see guys fighting who have less than a few months of experience fighting in amateur shows.

    Now UFC caliber fighters? Definately not. There is a big difference between Jason Chambers (aka regional and smaller show guy) fighting a PROFESSIONAL Thai kickboxer in a Thai kickboxing match and someone of a higher caliber fighting an actor in a MMA match.

    Tony Jaa has never fought competetively, much less at the professional level. Even top kickboxers wouldn't do well in MMA against UFC level competetion. Guys like Peter Aerts and Jerome Lebanner, basically top of the heap guys in kickboxing have done poorly against subpar competetion in MMA.

    Keep in mind it is one thing to be fast on screen, it is another to be fast in real life. Tony Jaa has never struck me as incredibly fast, he has struck me as incredibly acrobatic, and an amazing stuntman. Which is what he is, an amazing stuntman and movie star in the realm of what he does.

    Choreographed fights do not in any way prepare you for the real thing.

    Tony Jaa might beat "any MMA fighter" just by the fact that both of them would be going off instinct.

    But a UFC level fighter in a MMA match, Tony Jaa would get beaten down quickly and without ceremony.

    Huge difference between professional fighters and actors.

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    90% of muay boron moves are illegal in UFC and in all fight sports. his elbow techniques are deadly and fast. If Jaa only focused on cage fighting, he would be good. He's in top shape and has incredible balance. Now you do the math, a UFC fighter gets 50-100 grand a fight, Jaa get 2-4 MILLION a film.

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    Bruce Lee because Liddell is hard but a sloppy fighter. St. Pierre all the way ! BJ Penn - He is a Great grappler as well as striker. Draw ! Silva and Norris are both Blackbelts in BJJ and are both very good strikers (Check Norris's fight record). Hughes ! MMA (Hughes) vs. Aikido (Segal), I go with MMA ! SERRA ! That is not even a match up ! Sherk but it would be close fight though.

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    Tony Jaa Real Fight

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    well back in the day when they wanted to make a martial arts movie, they got pure martial artists.. today they still do that, Jackie Chan trains in Wushu.. more a style than an art, it still proves he isn't just an actor.. chuck norris, bruce lee, steven seagal, even Jean claude van damme was a pure martial artist growing up..

    there is nothing to say that they haven't continued this tradition with Tony Jaa, it is hard to get an actor to pull off martial arts moves perfectly (even choreographed) in the limited time they have to train them for a movie, all of his bios say he did muay thai and taekwondo but also say there is no substantial evidence, i say the evidence is in how well he does the techniques personally.. but that could just be me.

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    this must be the dumbest question in the whole Internet. Fighter vs Actor, who wins?

    Even Bruce Lee will agree MMA fighters these days are more skilled in different martial arts than him.

    Now go learn MMA.



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    I don't even think he could beat the fighters that would be in his weight division much less any mma fighter. There is nothing to imply that he even could other then conjecture.

    He would be fighting the likes of Dominick Cruz, Faber, Bowles, etc... Cruz who is the UFC champion is probably just as fast as Jaa is but even if he is not he has a wrestling background and would put Jaa on his back negating any speed advantage he would even have and then proceed to pound him into the ground.

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    Try watching live footage of Bruce. Then go take a Karambit fighting seminar under one of the best knife fighters in the world-who also fights jeet-kun-do...hahahaha....I got Okinawan naifhanchi against all else!

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