rsx tps sensor problems?

I bought an 03 rsx type s wrecked in the front. I restored it to almost mint condition however I'm having problems with my tps sensor. It got crushed during the accident and so I went along with putting a new tps in. Check engine light is still on and showing faulty tps, and it buggles and almost stalls for 2 seconds and picks up power again. And why are they mounted with headless bolts?

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  • Chrys
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    10 years ago
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    That sucks, yet i'm doubting it is your MAP ( manifold absolute stress ) or TPS ( throttle place sensor ). via fact neither have the potential of turning the motor vehicle off thoroughly. help me out... 3 issues, guy. whilst and how critically does it take off on ya? And whilst/how many times does it die on ya? Is the verify Engine mild on ever? It does not would desire to stay to tell the story , yet does it come on and stale in any respect? if so, you would be able to desire to have the PCM scanned at your community storage or between the massive motor vehicle aspects shops to confirm what variety of difficulty codes are saved interior the pcm. yet another concept... what's the motor vehicle's background? Like, did you get it out of your Granny or your homey down the way? that would sound kinda snarled, yet have confidence me that form of information could be very efficient in fixing those kinda "loopy, strange" variety issues. With that small quantity of mileage, it turns into significant to understand how properly the Caddy replaced into cared for. it incredibly is the place my previous question kinda comes into play. via fact with 65k miles or so, you will desire to no longer be having extreme issues like this. that's maximum appropriate me to a pair diverse places in my head... If it replaced into my Cadillac with that few miles on it, the 1st ingredient i think of i might do could be bypass to a storage you have confidence and have them run a diagnostic test on the motor vehicle. it incredibly is in all probability gonna inform you plenty. extremely some that isn't have a rattling ingredient to do which includes your cutting-edge issues, yet a number of those saved codes WILL, and which will with any luck supply you some course. i'm gonna be honest... i've got have been given a feelin' that it is a few thing to do which includes your pcm ( powertrain administration module ). it incredibly is your motor vehicle's "pc". And no count if it incredibly is, you easily would success out in this ingredient via fact they have long previous down in cost a magnificent purchase in view that 'ninety two, and if it is a few thing else you would be able to desire to be finding at some genuine funds. via fact if ya have not figured it out yet, Cadillacs are likely to be costly to do artwork to. purely the way it incredibly is. enable me understand what ya discover out, i'm genuine inquisitive approximately this one, guy. desire i'd desire to help out. reliable success!

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