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Why are people going crazy that a COACH is praising Derrick Rose?

Are you upset he's getting [more] media attention, while your favourite player isn't?

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    I just thought those were really bad comparisons.

    Derrick Rose's best qualities are his speed, quickness and agility so why would anyone want to highlight his shooting and his court vision if those aren't the skills that make him a great player.

    That would be like me saying Kevin Durant is a great player because he rebounds like Dennis Rodman, passes like John Stockton, and has the strength of Shaquille Oneal. No he doesn't. He's a great player, but those aren't the things that make him great.

  • Holden
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    9 years ago

    it has nothing to do with media attention. honestly who cares about media attention? that's so boring. but the coach basically insinuated that rose is jordan, kidd, iverson, and billups combined. that's going way too far. he really is being overrated at the moment.. and strangely enough rose admitted that the coach went too far.

  • 9 years ago

    I brought it up first, lol. But I'm actually pretty glad my favorite player isn't as hyped up as Rose. That way he isn't overrated and there's less pressure.

  • 9 years ago

    Derrick Rose is overrated, Dislike this if you agree with me!

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  • cuz he did it during playoffs... for a player his team is playing against

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