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Buy or Sell: If Lil' Wayne always rapped like this (link), mainstream rap wouldn't be in the state its in now?


@QB, I'm not saying that, but Wayne was the first to autotune the f*ck out of his songs. And now everybody does it, and "mainstream rap" isn't even rap anymore.

Update 2:

@Libs --- That first part confuses me... What about those albums?

Update 3:

@ Agent 47 --- I'm talkin' before Drake's career, it all started with Tha Carter III. Specifically, that "I Got Money" song with T-Payne (or however you spell his freakin' name). It started this autotune pandemic.

Update 4:

@ Libs --- But I'm talking mainstream. I'm talking radio. The radio used to play the best songs out, now it plays whatever songs have the most popular rappers in them.

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    Wayne isn't solely responsible for the depreciation of mainstream Hip Hop... Lyrically, hes an amazing artist... he has technique and versatility... maybe he just raps about the wrong things.

    Don't blame Lil Wayne or Drake or YM or a single artist or record label.. its deeper than that.

    Once again... don't blame a single artist...

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    lil wayne was a good rapper about 5 years he sucks. if wayne and eminem didnt change there styles, all these g a y hip hop people wouldnt be here. i like the new Em but the old was more rap

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    I like Lil Wayne, but that song, no.

    And the only reason why rap is like this now is because people (other rappers) are joe. If they had their own flow, rap would be different or the way it was back in the day.

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    Why does Wayne control rap now?

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    that'd me we wouldn't have My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, SLLF, Wu tang vs shaolin, and so on

    get my drift?

    basically Im saying hip hop is just as good and people need to stop complaining

    did they really? yeah these two songs are known for the lyrical prowess

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