please help with US history (:?

2.In the 1930s, some areas of the country suffered

from especially harsh environmental conditions.

Thousands of farmers and sharecroppers were

forced to abandon their land and look for other

work. In which of the following areas were these

conditions worst?

F parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon

G parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa

H parts of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia

J parts of Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma

3. How did World War I contribute to causing the

Great Depression?

A Soldiers returning from the war were unskilled

and so had difficulty finding employment.

B Foreign countries had borrowed heavily to pay

for the war and so could not afford to buy

American goods.

C Americans had spent their money on war bonds

and so had little savings.

D American industry was geared for producing

weapons and could

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    2. J

    3. C

  • 10 years ago

    J, B

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