AFC Standings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

AFC East

Dolphins 12-4

Patriots 10-6

Jets 8-8

Bills 5-11

AFC North

Ravens 10-6

Bengals 9-7

Steelers 6-10

Browns 6-10

AFC South

Titans 13-3

Colts 11-5

Jaguars 9-7

Texans 4-12

AFC West

Chargers 16-0

Broncos 6-10

Chiefs 3-13

Raiders 3-13

What do you think? What are your standings?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    AFC East

    Patriots - 13-3

    Jets - 10-6

    Dolphins - 6-10

    Bills - 4-12

    AFC North

    Steelers - 11-5

    Ravens - 11-5

    Bengals - 8-8

    Browns - 6-10

    AFC South

    Colts - 12-4

    Texans - 8-8

    Jaguars - 7-9

    Titans - 6-10

    AFC West

    Chargers - 11-5

    Chiefs - 9-7

    Raiders - 7-9

    Broncos - 5-11

    1. New England Patriots

    2. Indianapolis Colts

    3. Pittsburgh Steelers

    4. San Diego Chargers

    5. Baltimore Ravens

    6. New York Jets

    Wild Card

    Steelers vs. Jets - Steelers

    Chargers vs. Ravens - Ravens

    Divisional Round

    Ravens vs. Patriots - Ravens

    Steelers vs. Colts - Steelers

    AFC Championship

    Ravens vs. Steelers - Steelers

    You will say I'm biased, and you can say that all you want, but the Steelers were in the Super Bowl last year, and other than the "Super Bowl hangover" I don't see many reasons they won't be. On paper they're a very good team with a good defense, but if a key player gets injured (such as Polamalu, Harrison, or Roethlisberger) I wouldn't be surprised to see them miss the playoffs, but that's the same for every team. While I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Super Bowl I don't know if they'll win it. Their major need is CB; they have lots of trouble against spread offenses with elite QB's (Colts, Patriots, Saints, Packers).

    Source(s): Steelers fan.
  • Peezy
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    9 years ago

    AFC East

    Patriots 12-4 - They were a good YOUNG team last year.

    Dolphins 9-7 - They finally find a way to win at home

    Jets 8-8 - Too many big personalities and Rex Ryan looses control

    Bills 6-10 - Small improvment

    AFC North

    Ravens 12-4 - benifits from an easy schedule

    Steelers 11-5 - slight superbowl hangover but still they play the NFC West can't be too hard to pull some wins

    Browns 6-10 - Too many new changes and struggle to figure out the QB situation

    Bengals 4-12 - Its the bengals

    AFC South

    Texans 11-5 - Finally ends the struggles it has finishing seasons

    Colts 11-5 - If they have Peyton they are going to make the playoffs regardless

    Jaguars 9-7 - Decent season

    Titans 4-12 - New SB/New Coach tough division

    AFC West

    Chargers 12-4 - They make a run at another superbowl but fall short because of the dreaded overrated Norv Turner

    Chiefs 6-10 - Cant repeat the Magic

    Broncos 4-12 - McDaniels has dug this team into a hole that takes a season longer to fix

    Raiders 5-11 - Rebuilding year

    I can see the Ravens making a big run for it as with the patriots - Maybe in the AFC Championship Game. The Chargers will probably look the best and improve greatly but with their Head Coach i don't think they are going to make a decent run at it.

  • 9 years ago


    Jets 12-4 (2nd seed)

    Pats 10-6 (5)

    Dolphins 9-7

    Bills 4-12


    Ravens 13-3 (1)

    Browns 9-7

    Steelers 8-8

    Bengals 2-14


    Colts 9-7 (4)

    Jags 9-7

    Texans 7-9

    Titans 5-11


    Chiefs 11-5 (3)

    Chargers 9-7 (6)

    Raiders 6-10

    Broncos 5-11

    I think as a whole, the NFC will be better than the AFC this year.


    (5) Pats beat (4) Colts

    (3) Chiefs beat (6) Chargers

    (1) Ravens beat (5) Pats

    (3) Chiefs beat (2) Jets

    (1) Ravens beat (3) Chiefs

    Ravens lose the Super Bowl to the Packers

    This early in the offseason, before the draft, before free agency, its impossible to tell so these guesses are as good as anything right now

    Source(s): Steelers fan
  • Jimmer
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    9 years ago

    Where did the Fins and Titans come from? And why did the Chiefs, Steelers and Jets start sucking?

    AFC East

    Patriots 13-3

    Jets 9-7

    Bills 6-10

    Dolphins 3-13

    AFC North

    Steelers 11-5

    Ravens 10-6

    Browns 6-10

    Bengals 3-13

    AFC South

    Colts 11-5

    Texans 9-7

    Jaguars 7-9

    Titans 5-11

    AFC West

    Chiefs 10-6

    Chargers 10-6

    Raiders 4-12

    Broncos 3-13

    1 Patriots

    2 Steelers

    3 Colts

    4 Chiefs

    5 Chargers

    6 Ravens

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  • Levi
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    9 years ago

    Uh, no.

    Take the Chargers down a few notches (undefeated, really? That's the worst prediction I've seen in a while), bump the Chiefs up to either tied or fricken close to tied. The Chiefs are picking up some great O-linemen and probably a fullback, along with some of the best blocking tight ends in the league, that will make them tied for deadliest running game in the league along with the Browns and the Vikes. They've also got a solid passing game with Tony Moeaki, Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe, and Mat Cassell isn't the crappiest QB ever, either. Also, if they pick up a nose tackle like they want to, and a MLB, they could become one of the best all around teams in the league, as their defensive backs are good, too. The Chargers are pretty good, but I wouldn't put them too far ahead.

    Also, bump the Browns up some. They're a hell of a lot better than the Bengals, and the Ravens vs. Browns games are actually pretty even. Also, they're probably picking up A.J. Green to improve their passing game. Also, if they pick up a behemoth at defensive tackle to replace Shaun Rogers, they won't be half bad. I'm not saying they'll win their division by any means, but they might do ok. Also what are you doing putting the Steelers at the bottom! Man, I don't like them either, but they'll do better than the Bengals!

  • GTAP!!
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    9 years ago

    AFC East

    Patriots 14-2

    Jets 10-6

    Dolphins 6-10

    Bills 5-11

    AFC North

    Steelers 11-5

    Ravens 11-5

    Browns 4-12

    Bengals 2-14

    AFC South

    Colts 11-5

    Jaguars 9-7

    Texans 4-12

    Titans 3-13

    AFC West

    Chargers 13-3

    Chiefs 8-8

    Raiders 5-11

    Broncos 3-13







  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    LMAO! what makes you think the titans will be good? or the dolphins?

    AFC East

    Patriots 12-4

    Jets 11-5

    Dolphins 8-8

    Bills 5-11

    AFC North

    Ravens 12-4

    Steelers 10-6

    Bengals 7-9

    Browns 6-10

    AFC South

    Colts 14-2

    Texans 11-5

    Jags 10-6

    Titans 7-9

    AFC West

    Chargers 12-4

    Chiefs 10-6

    Broncos 8-8

    Raiders 7-9

  • 4 years ago

    The patriots are nonetheless a effectual team, i recommend they do have Tom Brady sufficient suggested. yet they are no longer good sufficient to win the branch. The Jets made extensive advancements to their team with Boldin and others. yet i do no longer think of of that for the duration of certainty by utilizing utilizing actuality of all that they are going to bypass sixteen-0 like many jets followers think of of. they're going to be a greater appropriate team yet Sanchez keeps to be arising. In a 12 months or 2 they're going to be shoe in's for a Superbowl championship. Miami greater Marshall which will in easy words upload to their great run pastime. the only component keeping them from taking the Patriots place by utilizing utilizing actuality the type 2 team indoors the branch their shoddy secure practices. Which ranked twenty 2d indoors the league. They greater appropriate strengthen that or this team is going to bypass very deep into the play offs. The expenses in certainty suck fairly, they are rebuilding and it will take a a pair years to even get to the Dolphins component. That makes me unhappy to declare AFC East Jets - 10-6 Patriots - 10-6 Dolphins - 9-7 expenses - 6-10

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    AFC East

    NYJ- 13-3

    NE- 10-6

    MIA- 5-11

    BUF- 4-12

    AFC North

    BAL- 12-4

    PIT- 12-4

    CLE- 6-10

    CIN- 3-13

    AFC South

    IND- 11-5

    HOU- 10-6

    TEN- 8-8

    JAX- 7-9

    AFC West

    SD- 14-2

    KC- 8-8

    DEN- 6-10

    OAK- 4-12

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