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Tips for Dance Team Tryouts?

Hey there, so I want to try out for my school dance team, but I'm not sure if I'm good enough to make it. I can do a pirouette/double pirouette, a can do jetes, c-jumps, my kicks are okay, a little above eye level. I know all the basics but the only problems is my splits. My right, left, and middle are not the best. I'd say 5-6 inches off the ground? I feel if I tried out, the only reason I wouldn't make it would be because of this (in other words, my flexibility). Tryouts are in a week! Thoughts? Do you think I'd be able to make it?

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    It sounds like you can do most of the other things the team might be looking for. I really doubt they wouldn't let you join just because your flexibility isn't the best. When you get to audtitions, give it your all and show them that you are willing to work hard.

    If you really would like to learn how to do the splits BEFORE try-outs just stretch every day for at least 10-20 minutes. You should be able to do the splits in no time!

    Good luck!

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    I've been doing dancing since I was 5. It sounds to me that you are capable of the requirements that you need, so I would say go for it. Don't worry about your splits or flexibility, the whole reason for dance is to improve your technique, so if your not exactly perfect at something now, they will teach you so you can improve! And one more thing.. Enjoy it! Trust me there is nothing worse than someone looking like they are pained when they dance, so make a go of it and have fun, you should release your emotions through dance!

    Hope I helped a bit! Aha :)

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    Hey I know how you feel. I tryed out for the dance team at my school last year and I have no dance background whats so ever. But i gave it my all and I made it. Trust me. Just go for it. Flexibility comes with time and streatching. But if you show them you are willing to work as hard as you can and give everything you have to the team. You will make it! :D good luck!

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