My computer is messed up, what do I do?

Ever since I updated to firefox 4, everything has been horrible. I know its supposed to be good but I must have deleted some things while installing it or something. Ever since we installed it back ( still the same problems ), these are the problems that are still going on:

- The internet connection has disconnected by itself numerous times.

- Websites take way longer to load/ don't load at all.

- Every page that I go to now says that its an encrypted page or something and warns me if I want the reminder about this when I continue to the page.

- No games work for me anymore ( not just including the internet, I can't even play minesweeper for example in the start>programs>games area ).

- I tunes doesn't work functionally, sometimes it will open sometimes it wont. My I pod doesn't connect anymore to I tunes, it only charges when I hook it up. It says it doesn't recognize it or the device malfunctioned, etc. I can't update I tunes to 10 or any other updates because it says it hasn't passed windows logo testing and it freezes me when I try to continue. I tried disabling it and reinstalling it but the same thing just showed up and I couldn't continue. The I tunes store is just a white blank screen now/ when I click on check for updates nothing happens.

- I tried System Restore which didn't work ( I followed all the steps in the Windows XP for Dummies book/ from other people online ).

- Whenever I download a music or video file it always comes up in Quick Time, and when I change it to any other type of format it stays as Quicktime.

- I used to only play Java games ( not the ones on Pogo or Yahoo ) and those don't work anymore. They only go to the screen where I can click play then about 5 seconds in the game freezes/ shuts down but the rest of my PC is fine. I did everything that people told me to do in updating Java, which I did. To uninstalling old versions of Java that people said and the site said for me to close. I couldn't remove or delete any of those files in the Add/ Remove area. I checked all the Plug-ins and they were all up-to-date.

- I restarted the computer, unplugged everything and plugged it back in, cleaned inside the computer, checked all the plugs if they were hooked in completely, etc., still didn't work.

I probably forgot about some things but anyways what should I do?


Oh yes also I checked for viruses, did scans all those things. Got my uncle who works with computers to clean it out numerous times. It seemed to " Work " whenever he was using teamviewer to connect to ours since he lives far away from is. Whenever he disconnected or what ever its called from teamviewer though it went back to normal, if it were even fixed in the first place.

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    9 years ago
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    If there is a virus then there are many different things you can to clear the virus. However, I would say the best thing for you to do is to reformat your hard drive.

    This will wipe everything off the hard drive completely. Including the virus and any other malicious software.

    Before you do, make sure you back up your files. You can do so with a device known as an IDE?saTA to USB Adapter (google "BT-300 topmicrousa"). This device works really well in situations like these because you are able to back up files without having to load through the slow operating system which holds the virus in the first place.

    Once you are done backing up your files, reformat, then recopy.

    Best of luck.

    Source(s): 10+ years of computer repair
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Check your network settings through the Control Panel and make sure the proper IP Address is entered.

    Fix any problems that were found in your registry using "Reginout" that leads troubles connecting your computer to the internet.

    1. Click Start | Control Panel.

    2. Click Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center.

    3. Select your internet connection.

    4. Make sure that it is not disabled. If it is disabled, click Enable button.

    5. Click Properties.

    6. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IP).

    7. Click Properties.

    8. Enter the valid Internet Protocol (IP) Address. If you don't know what to enter, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    9. Click OK | OK | Close.

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  • 9 years ago

    When ever you notice strange activity after an installation uninstall.

    Uninstall , reboot and reinstall the newest Java

    Try a different browser, like chrome

    If uninstalling doesn't help create a new user profile and try using your applications on that profile. If it works fine your profile was corrupted, if not your OS is corrupted.

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  • Lost
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Try using CCleaner to remove registry errors and temp files and stuff...

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