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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Does your church help the community?

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    Yes we help the community in the following ways:

    We have a food bank set up for those going through hard times

    We do painting, yard work and other handy man type jobs for our veterans and elders.

    We give clothing to the homeless and man soup kitchens from time to time.

    We help out during tornados or wind storms cleaning up debris & cutting up trees that fell.

    We volunteer to search for missing persons as a group when a request for help is made by proper authorities in our local area.

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    Love this Q :)

    Yes. We have a food bank.

    We are in the process of opening up a clinic for those that cannot afford to go to the doctor.

    It is on our the church grounds and the doctors that are member will be giving their services at

    no charge.

    We are also in the process of building a place on the the church grounds that will house

    families that are homeless.

    We buy presents for children that have a parent in prison at Christmas time.

    We help in other ways as well. :)

    God is amazing!!


    Source(s): Jesus lover
  • Yes. We revamped the police station for free with our own hands. We have block parties where the whole neighborhood is invited for free food and and giveaways. We also plan on helping the fire station next. We do many things I think and the community is very grateful.

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    Christian and non-Christian communities are helped by many Christian churches and centres.

    Source(s): . Christian Aid UCKG/community VYG OHTV Oxfam Iran Alive Ministries Agape etc
  • Yes, but why do you keep spamming people with the same stuff over and over?

  • Hopefully not in Judging nor Prophesying...

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    Very much so...>:)

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