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Would I have a case? Labour board?

So I 've been working at a local grocery store in a small town. I have worked there for 9 months, over the course of that 4 out of 7 employess have quit. That's how horrible it is working there. So I was supposed to work last monday and I had some heart problems so I went to the hospital, I had to work so I called from there and told my boss I wouldn't beable to come in because I was at the hospital. They ended up keeping me overnight.

My boss called me in the morning and told me to see her in her office next chance I got. I haven't talked to her yet because she hasn't answered her phone. I did however go into the store only to see I no longer am on the scheduale.

So she fired me because I was at the hospital? This would have been the second day I had missed the entire time I worked there.

I was told by a friend to call the labour board. Would I have a case? Also we work 5 or 8 hour shifts the 8 hour gets a luch break but neither shifts get any 15 min breaks or anything as we work alone in the store. Isn't something illegal about this?

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    and people say unions are not needed anymore

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