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Are there any biography on Augusto Pinochet's early life?

Details about his childhood.

Parents name.

His descent.

His siblings.

What school he went to.

Are there any books on him or video about his life.


Thank you very much!!

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    To give you a start, you can read some biographical information on Augusto Pinochet here:




    This last cited web page has links to information about his family/parents & his childhood.

    He did write an autobiography (in Spanish, titled: Camino recorrido.) It was translated into English and entitled: A Journey Through Life in 1991.

    If you wish to read it, I recommend you check with your library (public library or campus library, if you are a college/university student.) If the library does not hold it, ask a reference librarian how the library staff can locate a copy at another library for you to borrow (InterLibrary Loan.) I recommend you go to this link ( and print off the information on the book and the 1st 2 pages of the list of libraries that hold the book in their collections and take it with you to your library.

    Biographies of Pinochet do not seem to cover his childhood, schooling, etc. Mainly they focus on his adult years and years as a Chilean dictator.

    Gonzalo Vial Correa (1930-2009), Secretary of Education during the Pinochet regime, published a biography, Pinochet. La Biografía in 2002. It has been published in Spanish only.

    When you go to the library, ask a reference librarian to help you find other books in the library collection with biographical information on Pinochet.

    Best wishes

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