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How many shots are in the polio series vaccine?

i have to get the polio vaccine today, how many shots are there alao how many in the tdap and menectra? thanks in advance

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    The polio vaccine used in the U.S. is the inactivated vaccine and is normally given to infants/children in four doses at age 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and again at 4-6 years. Adults (18 and older) who received their polio vaccinations as a child normally do not need an additional dose unless they are planning on traveling to parts of the world where polio is still common, working in labs handling specimens that might contain poliovirus or health care workers who have close contact with a person who could be infected with the polio virus.

    The Tdap (Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis) vaccination (one dose) is given as a one time booster instead of the typical Td vaccination. A Td (Tetanus/Diptheria) booster is recommended every ten years.

    The Menactra vaccination (given to prevent meningitis) is given as a one time dose to adolescents 11-18 years of age.

    If you have already received your primary series of Polio vaccinations, you will be getting three shots, all given in the upper arm.

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