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Why does the main stream media occludes the traffic & smuggling of southamerican cocaine from cuba to florida?

cuba is an enslaved island with a puppet leftist government involved in criminal activities, terrorism, and Cocaine smuggling.

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    The main stream does weird stuff in every part of Society, but they are nice about it. Cocaine is a popular Drug and makes a lot of people feel good even if it does come from sinister places. I would say they are like this because, they don't wnt to see friends arrested..

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    There is no reason why we should not have tried to oust Castro long ago merely on humanitarian grounds. However, the problem of drugs coming in from Cuba (and Mexico for that matter) is the fault almost solely of the market for illegal drugs in this country. We love our cocaine, meth and pot apparently so much here that it drives a booming economy for violent drug cartels and fiendish dictators. If we could stop the demand, the supply wouldn't be necessary.

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