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To yell at your dog, bad, good?

Is it bad to yell at your dog to correct him? If he chews dirty bones and dirty flesh in the streets, is it a reason to yell at him? He is very desobidient. I think he doesn't even learn after I yell at him. I never beat him tough. He just learns at the proper time, but if he finds another rotten piece of crap he chews it.

I don't intend to hurt his feelings, but it might happened.

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    it happens at times but it is bad ... if you yell at your dog to get him to obey he will only obey when you yell .... that means for the life of this dog you will be yelling to get the dog to do what you want ... i personally would not want to live angry like that ... you should look at other ways to get your point across to the dog ... if he picks up stuff on the sidewalk to eat, make him wear a muzzle for walks so he cannot ... too extreme ??? how about a head halter ... a quick tug and your dog will not have access to what he was going after on the sidewalk ... with a bit of thought, there are better ways to train ... ways in which the dog will like you and not fear you ... if someone was constantly yelling at you, would you not want to get away ???

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    people say it's bad to yell at your dog but to be completely honest i have a couple of times. i think everyone has at one point. but in order to correct the behavior you don't need to raise your voice. it's all in your body language. be the dominant one to get on to them. it makes you look less like the bad person while getting the message across to your dog. some dogs however (i have owned a few) where you could do EVERYTHING right and they STILL won't learn unless you actually yell at them then they'll listen. but always leave that to the last resort. i read a few or ceasar books and they are very interesting. helps explain how the dogs mind works and how to understand why they do some of the things that they do.

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    Its bad to yell at puppy he/she is still a u need patience. Like human puppy teeth is growing and itching so he/she needs something to chew. Get a bone for him to chew but not chicken bone it will be too fine and pieces and will hurt his lungs and inner systems so no chicken bones at all and no sea food at all. U need patience with a puppy dog. I kept dogs for 20 yrs. Now I have a puppy almost 8 months she does the same no use. I give her a beef bone(cow knee bone large and round) cut into 2 piece boil and cool it later give her to chew it. She will stop chewing anything from the day u give her cow bone. Good luck

  • Dirty flesh ? You live in nyc?

    You dont want to over due the yelling just a quick response if hes being disobedient is fine because some dog can be very sensitive to loud tones.

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    The only time I raise my voice when I want my dog to obey a command is when it working or tracking off lead, at a distance, otherwise as the dog isn't deaf, what’s the point?

    It may be yuck to you, but your dog likes it. Watch its body language & when it shows interest in rubbish tell it to leave, if it ignores you & attempts to grab it, give a quick snap on the collar.

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    i wouldnt' say yell, maybe a slight tone in voice.. But you need to let him know what hes doing is in the wrong, if you dont scold, they'll never get better, and you'll have your self a sassy dog that will be a drag in a couple of years, show ownership.

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    I had a dog and yelling isnt the best way to teach. Have a strong voice that shows that your not joking but dont scream.

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    Whether yelling is successful or not depends on the individual dog. I know if I yell at my hounds, most of them are 'demolished'. And you don't want to frighten him, just stop what he's doing. You have to be one step ahead - if you see something lying around out there, get to him before he gets to it. If he's on a lead, as he should be, it shouldn't be difficult to avoid what's out there. If he's a puppy, he should grow out of this behaviour. Just say No!, firmly, if he does get to something nasty, before he gets into it, and move him round it.

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    Don't get too angry, just let him know that he is doing something wrong, that is the best way to teach them. Just a simple elevated sentence or word, not yelling. Give him a scratch afterwards to make him feel good.

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    Depends on the dog. my Rotti mix does not like yelling...but my GSD will actually argue with you. I think she likes it! I have yelled at my dogs , just like I have yelled at my 2-legged kids. Of course, i always feel bad afterward...

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