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Why doesn't she like me?

Hi I'm 17 and still at high school :( and I meet a nice girl on the bus and we always sit next to each other and talk about privet things and we hang out on the weekends talk on Facebook and call/txt all the time and to night I finally told her I liked her alot even after my last girlfriend cheated on me with old so called best friend and that was when I was 15 and have never felt the same way towards a girl form that point until I meet her but after I told her how I felt she tells that she likes another person I personally never meet and that made feel like like crying again like when I was cheated on but the girl I like I gave her more fun and gave her more money than my new best friend but the point I'm trying to figure out is why she doesn't like me and how I can change the way she feels about me

So can u please help me before it is too late

My email is or

Thanks alot for ur help

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    She doesn't like you because you are a nice guy, yes i know it doesn't make sense but all your efforts to woo her are only making her run. her money than your new best friend, that is just emptying your pockets for nothing. If she liked you she wouldn't need your money, you my friend have very little game. BUT thats what yahoo answers is for (screw the guy who posted that other site) eg look at my answer to this question -;_ylt=AmjPO...

    Another mistake you made is telling her you like her alot, women don't fly to the moon when a guy tells them this. She was supposed to show you signs of interest not the other way around. She probably doesn't have a boyfriend she just wanted to throw you off a cliff screaming yahoo,lol

    If you want her to feel different about you, you have to change, you have to realize giving her more money than your new best friend doesn't win a girl at all. Stop being a goof and start being a spontaneous fun to be with guy, you said you gave her more fun(poor glish btw) then continue to do so ask her out for a drink or movie (make sure it is that day or the day after not a week later) show her a good time AND GET SOME!!!

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    Its just that she enjoys your company without having any kind of a personal bond with you . Besides that in your age . All you can do is wait . Don't change your feelings just because she likes some one else . Instead continue to behave normal as you used to do before . With time she may eventually start liking you . Best of luck

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    u shouldn't really change for any1 and every girl has different taste. she probably doesn't see u in that way and its probably nothing personal. Just continue to be a good friend. show that u care, but don't be in her face all the time, cos then she'll get annoyed. and b urself! most girls like a guy that is sure of himself and knows what he wants.


    mayb she thinks ur ugly or not her type, she might not be attracted to u or like the way u dress, simple things like that make a big difference!

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    Just keep being friends, be the guy thats always there for her and a guy she can trust. She migh tjust come around if she finds that she can trust you and that your sweet. :]

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    just ask her if she likes you.

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